The Receptionist, pt. 1

I don’t usually write by the seat of my pants. I prefer mentally planning my story from start to finish, so I know where I’m going before I begin. But this one started with an opening sentence popping into my head, and I went with it. This erotic tale, titled The Receptionist, is the result.






“Leave your panties here,” Rob says.

receptionist-story-01-lipstick-in-mirrorNadia is checking her freshly applied lip gloss in the motel room’s dresser mirror. She flicks her gaze to look at Rob in its reflection.

He’s sitting behind her on the bed in his boxers, tugging on his socks. Because other than her lip gloss she hasn’t put anything back on yet he’s admiring her bare bottom.

“I didn’t know used panties were one of your fetishes,” Nadia says.

“They’re not,” Rob says. “I just like the idea of you going back to work without your underwear.”

“And you being the cause?”

“Yeah, I kinda like that.”

“Why?” Nadia puckers at her reflection. She wonders if she’d look good with black lipstick, like those Goth chicks wear.

Behind her Rob says, “I think I like the danger of it.”

“What danger?” she asks.

Nadia decides on second thought that she’d look horrible with black lips. It would clash with her copper-blonde hair, and it would distract from one of the things that make her sexy: her full lips and pouty mouth. Rob thinks her mouth looks perfect when his cock is in it. Having seen the images he took with his cell phone camera, she agrees.

Rob says, “I’m thinking about Mike. What if he gets home before you, and like, you have to get undressed in front of him? How’re you gonna explain coming home from work with no panties on? I mean, he’s so prudish he makes the pilgrims seem like swingers.”

Nadia wonders if she ought to be offended that Rob is insulting her husband, even though Rob’s never met Mike and all he knows about him is what she’s told him.

Things like Mike not being very interested in sex.

Well, at least not as interested as she is.

Mike thinks sex once every couple of weeks is enough.

It’s not.

Not even close.

Sometimes she thinks once a day wouldn’t be enough, though she’s never been in a relationship where that happened.

The most she’d ever gotten it was the summer after she graduated high school. Terry, her boyfriend back then, wanted to do it every time he saw her. She’d wanted it too, but being that they were both eighteen and living at home and he didn’t have a car they could only do it when opportunity arose. So it was two or three times a week at best, though they’d seen each other almost every day that summer.

Nadia still thinks about that time in Terry’s parent’s basement den. Terry’s parents were at work, but his two brothers—sixteen year-old twins—were home that morning. The twins were in their back yard, tossing a football around. Terry took her by the hand and led her down into the den. He told her to take off all her clothes. She did. She’d never been completely naked in front of a boy before, but she’d never been shy about her body. They did it on the sofa down there, while they could hear his brothers shouting and laughing outside.

To start off Terry did her like he always did. And like always, if they had the chance, he wanted to do it twice. But that time he’d wanted the second round to be in her booty.

She’d never done that before. But thinking about it, and being naked in his parent’s house with his brothers right outside, she’d been so turned on. She’d felt adventurous. Wicked. And so hot. So she’d gotten on her knees on the sofa for Terry, and leaned over and spread her cheeks. Part of her had hoped it would hurt enough that she couldn’t stay quiet, so his brothers would hear and peep through the basement window and see her naked on their sofa, taking it in the ass from their big brother. She’d imagined that they’d see her, and they’d come inside, down to the den where she was naked. Three horny brothers.

It had hurt, having it in her bottom that first time, but not enough for her to cry out. Nadia was never sure if it was the anal or because she was so turned on by the circumstances that made her come so hard she almost fainted.

She still fantasizes about that morning. She imagines being in that basement den with Terry and his twin brothers.

Not that she’d ever do such a thing in reality. But standing naked in this motel room thinking about it now, even though Rob has just fucked her decently she feels her want coming back.

But she has to get back to work. Newton is a good boss. Even if she was a half hour late getting back he’d probably make a joke about it, probably threaten to chain her to her desk if she couldn’t do lunch in an hour. She’d been way late a month ago, was gone from work almost two hours because Rob was late meeting her at this motel. That’s when Newton had threatened to chain her to her desk.

The idea of Newton putting her in bondage had danced around in her imagination the rest of that afternoon. By the time she’d left work her panties were sopping.

Nadia starts getting dressed with her mind on the summer of her eighteenth year and on her boss Newton. Distracted by her thoughts, out of habit she picks her thong up off the motel carpet.

Rob says, “Hey, I said no panties, okay?”

“Oh, right.” She flips them his way. They land on the mussed bedcovers next to him. “Sorry.”

Rob has pulled his jeans up around his calves. He stands up so he can get them all the way up. He says, “I’m not gonna take them. I think it’d be hot to just leave them here, let the housekeeper find them.”

Nadia slips her pencil skirt up her legs and over her hips and zips it up. She likes the feel of the skirt with nothing underneath. She’s forty years old. She wonders why she’s never gone to work or out anywhere without underwear before.

“Know what else I think would be hot?” Rob asks.


“Okay, well like, I’m seeing you getting banged while Mike is watching. And like, maybe he’s into it, or maybe he’s not, you know? Like maybe he’s being forced to watch; something like that.”

Rob is trying to sound as if the idea just occurred to him. But Nadia has known him for just over three months. She can tell this is something he’s been thinking about before today.

“You want us to cuckold Mike?”

Rob looks genuinely surprised. “What? Me? Oh no, not like that,” he says. “I mean, I was just thinking about you and somebody, you know?”

Nadia squirms into her pullover blouse. When her head is clear of the neck hole she says, “Somebody like who?”

Rob gives an exaggerated shrug, as if to say it makes him no never mind. Nadia thinks he’s such a fraud.

“I don’t know,” Rob says. “Maybe some big, hung black guy. See how ol’ Mike likes that.”


“Hey, I mean, I don’t know if you’re even into black guys…”

Rob says it like he’s hoping she is.

Nadia wonders if maybe Mike isn’t the one Rob wants to be cucked.

“I have nothing against black men,” Nadia says.

Rob’s eyes widen. He looks needy. “Did you ever? Do it with, I mean?”

“I haven’t,” Nadia says.

Disappointment shades Rob’s face.

Rob is a mechanic at the car dealership where she’d bought her Malibu. What appealed to her in the beginning was that he seemed so bohemian, so artsy even though he worked on cars for a living. She’d taken the Malibu in for a tune up, and of course he’d said she needed new wiper blades, and it wouldn’t hurt to have her headlight lenses professionally cleaned for only another two hundred dollars. She’d told him her husband warned her about mechanics trying to con women, and that he instructed her to only get the tune up. Then Rob had said her husband was a lucky man, but he was a fool for letting her out alone. Didn’t he know how beautiful she was?

It was a line, and not a good one. But Rob was at least ten years younger than her, and she was flattered. Then he’d said, “If I got down on my knees and begged would you please let me buy you a cup of coffee while we do your car? We don’t even have to leave the lot; we’ve got a coffee machine right here. I just need to buy you something, even if I never see you again.”

So she was flattered. And he was young and cute, with his too long hair and scruffy face. She’d been the one to invite him out for real coffee—and lunch—the next day. Two weeks later they’d met at this motel for the first time.

She’d never been unfaithful to Mike before. Whenever she thought back to those couple of weeks three months ago, she couldn’t really remember why she’d made the decision to do it. It was as if her body had said enough is enough and her commitment to her marriage had followed her body’s instructions.

When it comes to sex, Rob is adventurous. He likes everything, every part of her. She likes that he wants all of her. But after two months she knows she doesn’t care for much of him beyond the sex. She wants the sex, but she wants something more than Rob now.

Rob’s bright idea about being with a black guy has been a revelation to her. It’s as if someone speaking it out loud has flipped a switch inside her. She’s always wanted it. She knows where it is. Now she intends to have it.

“Same day and time next week?” Rob says. It’s become his habit to ask, even though in three months they’ve only missed four weeks.

Though she has enjoyed being appreciated and desired, the thrill of this affair is gone mostly, and Nadia wants to say no, never again. But she needs to see Rob once more. She has something she needs to do. So yes, next week.

One more time, kiddo.


Nadia returns to her office building after her lunch hour (plus five minutes). Her panties are back in the motel room.

On her way to the elevator she smiles at the people she passes in the lobby, and at Joe, the security guard, who’s sitting at his work station. With every step the material of her skirt caresses the flesh of her bottom. She feels wicked.

There are people on the elevator with her. She recognizes their faces, but none of them work at her company on the third floor. She exchanges courteous smiles with them. She feels exposed, as if because they’re standing so close to her these people somehow know she’s bare beneath her skirt

She exits the elevator on the third floor on shaky legs.

In the corridor she returns salutations from her coworkers, pretending that everything is as it always has been. But she feels like everyone who’s seen her since she stepped into the building knows she’s naked beneath her skirt. By the time she reaches her office her heart is fluttering like hummingbird wings and she’s almost breathless. And, she realizes, she’s wet.

She walks through her office—the reception area—toward Newton’s open office door. He looks up as she pokes her head in and says, “I’m back.” Then she adds, “You don’t need to chain me to my desk yet.”

For a second he looks confused, and she feels like an idiot. He must have forgotten the comment he made a couple of months ago.

Then he gives her a little handsome smile. He remembers. He frowns at his watch in mock consternation and says, “And a good thing for you, young lady. I’ve got the shackles under my desk.”

Newton is so handsome. She’s had a crush on him for over a year. At first she’d been nervous when she was assigned to be his secretary two years ago, because she’d never worked for a black person before. And she’d never been so close for so many hours a day to any black man. But that was then. Newton is a good, fair boss. He’s good-looking and charming, with a dry sense of humor she likes. He can say something funny while wearing a scowl that will make you wonder if you should laugh or run for your life. As so her early apprehension had transformed into like, and then admiration and pride that she worked for him, and finally physical attraction and a low level desire that served as occasional fuel for her fantasies.

receptionist-story-01-shoesNewton is attentive, too. He never fails to notice when she wears something new, or changes her hair. He’ll say something like, “That’s a cool dress; is it new?” or, “Your hair looks nice like that.” The most risqué thing he’s ever said to her was, “Those shoes look hot” when she’d worn a pair of sling-back stilettos. She hadn’t considered his comment inappropriate because what he’d said was true. She likes wearing sexy shoes to work, and she’s observed that Newton always notices when she does, even when he doesn’t comment.

Even when he doesn’t comment he gets a look in his eyes. Admiration. Desire. He’ll look at her sexy kicks, then look at her looking at him. Looking at each other, they don’t quite smile.

Not quite flirting.

Nadia has purchased more shoes in the past year than in the previous three years combined.

Because she’s not quite flirting.

In the two years since she’s become Newton’s secretary there were some days when she hated to see five o’clock arrive. There were days when she missed being around him, sharing space with him. They’ve become at least casual friends, though beyond work their friendship has never extended to more than him taking her to lunch. That’s not a big deal; plenty of the bosses at the company take their staff to lunch.

Now, standing in Newton’s doorway, Nadia imagines herself under his desk. Chained there, on her knees. Her mouth open wide. Waiting to perform her special secretarial duties for him.

Or maybe she’s not restrained. Maybe he’s called her to come into his office. When she steps in he tells her to close the door. Then he tells her to take her clothes off; everything. She obeys without question or hesitation. When she’s naked he orders her to crawl to him. As she crawls past his desk he spins his chair to meet her and unzips his slacks. Maybe someone comes to the office, and they’re waiting out in the reception area while she’s naked and servicing her boss. Finally, when she goes out to attend to whoever it is, her belly is filled with Newton’s warm cum.

Nadia blinks out of her reverie. She realizes that Newton is watching her. His smile has changed. And there’s something in his eyes.

How long has she been standing in his office doorway, fantasizing about sucking him off?

“Everything okay?” he asks.

Nadia nods because she doesn’t trust her voice. As she backs out of the doorway she realizes the insides of her thighs are wet.


On the following week Nadia tells Rob to take his shower first because she wants to wash her hair. While he’s in the motel bathroom she opens the gallery app on his cell phone and deletes all the photos he’s taken of her during their three-month affair. Hopefully he hasn’t stored copies somewhere in the cloud.

She tells herself that he wouldn’t think that far ahead. Like he wouldn’t think that one day their weekly motel fuck sessions would end.

Today is that day.

When she tells him, Rob asks her if she wants to end things because last week he suggested she bang a black guy. She assures him that’s not it; that the idea was kind of sexy. She doesn’t tell him that his idea inspired her to go after the man she really wants.

That night at home she tells Mike she wants to separate.

Mike counters by telling her he wants a divorce. He tells her there’s someone else; that there has been for a long time.


Nadia thinks she ought to be angry. But Newton is on her mind. And the possible future.

She decides she doesn’t really care about Mike screwing someone else.

He wasn’t that good anyway.


On the next workday, after she places Newton’s coffee on his desk, Nadia tells him about her marriage ending.

Newton has her sit on his office’s leather sofa. He closes his office door. He sits next to her, a respectful distance away. Though she doesn’t feel particularly sad, Newton is all concern and condolences. He asks her if she’s all right, and if there’s anything he can do.

Nadia thinks it would be nice if he’d push her down on this sofa and take her, right now. Or maybe on his desk. Bend her over it, yank her dress up and her panties down and take her from behind.

But she tells Newton she’s fine, that her only concern is that she doesn’t want to stay in her house, that she’d rather start fresh right away. She tells him that when she figures things out she might need two or three days off to move.

“Are you staying in your house until then?” Newton asks.

Nadia sighs at the thought. “I don’t want to, but I don’t have family nearby, and hotels can get expensive, so yes.”

Newton stands up and stuffs his hands in his pockets. He looks ill at ease. Nadia has never seen him ill at ease.

He says, “Look, I don’t want to be inappropriate, but I’ve known you for a couple years. I consider us friends, okay?”

Nadia nods. “Me too.”

Her heart is sprinting.

“I’ve got spare bedrooms,” he says. “You’re more than welcome, if you really want to get out of where you are right now.”

Nadia tries to keep her voice steady as she says, “I wouldn’t want to impose.”

Sprinting, and about to take flight.

“You wouldn’t be,” Newton says. “I have enough space. My cousin visited a few months ago and I hardly knew she was there. But it’s up to you. Again, I don’t want to be inappropriate.”

Nadia says, “Would this weekend be too soon?”


That Saturday Mike makes himself scarce so she can move in peace. He’s probably at his lover’s place. Nadia doesn’t care. Her marriage is over. Apparently it’s been over for longer than she knew.

Newton and a couple of his buddies who look like they should be in the NFL help him load her luggage and the few pieces of household items she wants to keep into a U-Haul. Newton isn’t as huge as his friends; he stands a shade under six feet tall and is slimly muscled. But he’s wearing a sleeveless T-shirt that shows off his broad shoulders, trim waist, and muscled arms. Perspiration makes his skin gleam like polished bronze.

Nadia has never seen him wearing anything but a suit. This is a new version of him. A sexy, sweaty version. She watches him work and imagines what it would be like to have him sweating on her.


Newton’s house is in a development on a loop with one way in and out. It’s a four-bedroom colonial with two and a half baths, a room-sized rear deck and an above-ground pool.

By late Saturday afternoon all her clothes and everything she wants to keep from her marriage are either in Newton’s guest bedroom or in his basement. His friends are gone.

This is the first time she’s been to Newton’s home. It’s the first time they’ve been so alone together.

Standing in his living room, Nadia thanks him and says, “I should be sad, I guess, but I feel more like celebrating. Is that a bad thing?”

“Not if you weren’t happy,” Newton says. “If you want we can order a couple of pizzas and do beer or crack open a bottle of wine. A modest celebration.”

“That would be nice,” Nadia says. “I was thinking before that I’d make you dinner to thank you for everything you’re doing, but I’m kind of exhausted.”

Newton shrugs at that. “Don’t worry about it. You’ve had a rough few days, so now it’s time to relax. The main bath is to your left just at the top of the stairs. Consider it yours. Until something changes, consider yourself at home. I’ve got your back, Nadia, so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to say so. I’ve got you.”

For the first time since she learned that her marriage was over Nadia wants to cry.


Newton has given her the largest of his three spare bedrooms. It’s at the end of the upstairs hall, farthest from his master suite at the other end. The upstairs bathroom is at the top of the stairs, nearest the master suite.

Newton has gone to his room to clean up. He’s closed his bedroom door, probably, Nadia thinks, to make her feel comfortable.

She feels comfortable.

And excited.

In the guest bedroom with the door closed Nadia toes off her sneakers, strips out of her yoga pants, T-shirt, sports bra and panties. She stands before the dresser mirror, looking at herself.

She’s naked in Newton’s house. He might be in his shower right now, naked too. Naked together under the same roof. Only a hallway and two closed doors separate them.

Nadia selects a suitcase from her luggage set and opens it on the queen-sized bed. The suitcase holds her underwear, to include sexy lingerie, and a couple of robes; one a short satin number and the other calf-length terrycloth.

She’s excited, and feeling bold. Naked, she opens the bedroom door and peeks out, down the hallway.

Newton’s bedroom door is still closed.

Nadia grabs the terrycloth robe and her toiletry bag. She doesn’t put the robe on, but presses it to her bosom like a shield and pads down the carpeted hall in a hurry.

With every step she expects Newton to open his bedroom door and catch her naked, holding her robe in front of her. Her heart quivers anxiety.

She makes it to the bathroom without incident.

She’s disappointed, a little.

Newton has left fresh towels on the sink vanity for her. So considerate. She hopes he’ll take care of her other needs, as soon as possible.

Leaving the bathroom door open just a crack to let out steam, Nadia hangs up her robe and runs her bubble bath. Because the stairs are between this bathroom and Newton’s bedroom there’s no reason for him to come past this door, but she hopes he does.

While she’s taking a nice, long soak she hears Newton come out of his bedroom.

Part of her—no, most of her—hopes he’ll come to the bathroom door to check on her. Maybe even come in. She’s sure he won’t.

She listens, and hears Newton going down the stairs.

He’s still in boss mode. Still being a caring friend. As if Human Resources were monitoring them, even now.

Her body is immersed in warm water. She’s up to her chin in fragrant bubbles, Nadia closes her eyes and thinks about what she wants Newton to be to her.

Boss: yes.

Caring friend: yes.

Lover: yes.

Whatever he wants.


After her bath Nadia returns to the guest bedroom, leaving her robe hanging on the bathroom door. That she is nude in Newton’s house and he’s right downstairs thrills her.

Nadia decides the best way to let Newton know she’s completely comfortable with him while she’s his guest is to be a minimalist when it comes to dress. So she rubs lotion into her skin, then slips a knee-length T-Shirt over her nakedness. She examines herself in the mirror. The fall of the cotton on her curves leaves no doubt that she’s wearing nothing under the T-shirt.


Nadia remembers how Newton compliments her whenever she wears sexy shoes to work. The foot and/or toe-revealing ones really seem to get his attention. Maybe he has a foot thing. She considers going down to him barefoot, but decides that might be too obvious too soon, and opts for footie socks.


Nadia finds Newton on one end of his family room sofa, remote control in hand, scanning Netflix programming. He’s wearing basketball shorts and a fresh sleeveless T-shirt.

She wants to jump him.

He looks up when she enters the room, and his eyes go wide. But he recovers quickly and says, “What kind of pizza do you feel like?”

Nadia sinks onto the middle of the sofa, folding a leg under her bottom. The hem of her T-shirt rides a half foot up her thigh. She says, “As long as it doesn’t have mushrooms I’ll eat whatever you want.”

She knows she’s being obvious. Sitting so close to him. Firing off innuendo. She’s decided the worst that could happen is that Newton will tell her he’s not interested. Or maybe that he doesn’t want to disrupt their employer/employee dynamic.

Newton orders their pizza. While he’s on the phone his eyes are on her. When he hangs up he says, “I’m going to say something as your friend, but also as a man, okay?”

Bingo. Cut to the chase. Jump off the cliff or back away from the edge.

“Okay,” Nadia says.


Newton tips his chin at her and says, “If this is how you chill at home, then Mike is a fool. Seriously.”

“He didn’t usually notice one way or the other,” Nadia says. “Even when I was au natural. So I gave up trying years ago.”


“When he stopped noticing, I started wearing something. I figured maybe he was taking it for granted and wouldn’t appreciate it unless I took it away.”

“By ‘it’ you mean being undressed?”



Nadia shrugs. “Why not when you’re home?”

Newton squirms. Nadia can almost see the wheels turning in his head. Earlier he’d told her to consider herself at home in his place. Now he’s picturing her version of being at home. Of course he won’t say what he’s thinking.

She lets him off the hook by saying, “Don’t worry; I won’t do anything to make you uncomfortable.”

Newton smiles at that. “If you go the ‘it’ route the problem won’t be me being uncomfortable—it’ll be that I might not let you ever leave.”

Now they were traveling on positive territory, so Nadia says, “I wouldn’t want you to get tired of me, seeing me all day at work and then at home too.”

Newton looks away from her toward his television, and almost too low to hear, says, “Not if you’re walking around here wearing nothing.”

They look at each other. The look on Newton’s face suggests that he’s wondering if he’s gone too far.

Nadia knows this is her chance to let him off the hook and let him know what’s possible—what she wants.

She says, “I didn’t agree to stay here because I can’t afford a hotel. Mike would’ve had to pay for it anyway. I’m here because I want to be close to you, Newton. I want to be with you. I have for a long time.”

Newton is looking at her. Studying her.

Nadia wonders is this is too much, if she’s gone too far. He only said he’d be tempted to not let her leave if she were to walk around his house naked. The kind of joke any guy would make. He didn’t say anything about wanting to sleep with her, or about any kind of relationship.

Newton turns on the sofa to face her. “Do you really want to be mine?” he asks.

“Yes,” Nadia says, without hesitation.

Newton presses his lips together as he thinks about something. Nadia likes the way his mustache and goatee frame his sexy mouth.

After a few heartbeats he says, “To quote Michael Jackson: ‘I’m not like other guys.’ Do you think you can handle that?”

“I don’t know,” Nadia says. “I don’t what that means.”

Newton tells her.


The change between them is immediate and more dramatic than Nadia had imagined or hoped.

By the time the pizza delivery guy arrives they’ve moved to the living room. Nadia sits in repose on the living room sofa while Newton answers the door. Her T-shirt and socks are still in the family room.

The delivery guy’s eyes are cue balls as he gapes past Newton’s shoulder at her. Nadia doesn’t mind. In truth, it turns her on.

Because things are different now.

She’s someone else now.

She’s still Newton’s secretary.

But she’s also his property.


Already he’s given her instructions:

She will never wear clothes while they’re home alone. Never.

If they have visitors, he’ll decide on a case-by-case basis what, if anything, she’ll wear.

She will never wear underwear to work again. Never.

There will be times at work when he’ll require her to naked. Like when they’re home, that will never be up to her.

She’s property now, and her owner hasn’t even touched her yet.

He told her that’s coming after dinner.


September 2016 The Black


Stay tuned for the next installment, coming soon.





















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