SAMPLE SUNDAY: Excerpt from The Professional 2: The Client List

Professional 2 Cover-500 There are women, and there are women. That’s what I was thinking.

It had been a very pleasant evening. Good food (if I do say so myself). Good wine. And good conversation, with two beautiful women.


There are women, and then there are women.

Olivia Bell Bettencourt and her daughter Clarissa are women.

Being with women is always a pleasant experience.

If you’re a man.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about the quality of time spent. It had been a pleasure tonight dealing with women who were completely being themselves, who were open but not transparent. There is a difference.

I love women.

A woman will look you in the eye when you speak to her or when she speaks to you. She’s confident because she’s a strong woman, secure in herself and who she is. But she doesn’t need to posture, doesn’t need the head-bobbing, finger-waving theatrics to impress upon you that she is a strong woman. She knows she’s strong, therefore she’s not afraid to not act like a man. She doesn’t need to protect herself by trying to put you on the defensive, because she’s not afraid. So she can be a woman. She can be soft and feminine because she knows that’s not a weakness when you’re not weak.

Maybe she’s handling her business, like Olivia Bettencourt. Maybe she has enough money to buy and sell a man. But she won’t tell a man that because it has nothing to do with her being a strong woman. If her wealth is something he needs to know about he’ll find out when she slaps the price tag on his ass.

Maybe she’s not rich. But it doesn’t matter because she knows she’s a queen. She knows that she is a gift, and that’s how she carries and conducts herself. She doesn’t have her nose up in the air and she doesn’t feel the need to tell a man that she’s feminine royalty. Because if she is that—if she really is that—then he will see her for what she is, if he looks with honest eyes.

If a man thinks that a real woman is “stuck up” or thinks she’s “better than” or for the truly ignorant, “acting white,” it’s because he’s failed to bring her down to the level at which he wants her, the level at which he feels safe dealing with her. That means he’s not really a man. A real woman can and will walk away from his insults and attempted denigration while wearing a smile because she knows the issue is his, not hers. She has too much respect for herself, too much dignity as a queen and God’s gift to man to lie in the gutter when she can fly. That doesn’t mean that a black woman can’t be a “sista” and still be a woman. There are sisters and there are sisters, too.

A real woman will play her femininity off a man’s masculinity because that’s what they are; masculine and feminine, without it being a mind game. It’s just being.

I’ve known many women in my life. But very few of them were real women. This isn’t my indictment of females. It’s a hard world out there. Many men make it harder than it has to be for a woman. I’m just thankful that there are some real women out there who make life pleasant for a real man.

I always try to return the gift.






Professional Cover-250

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