The Wife Episodes No. 2: Ice

The Wife Episodes

No. 2: Ice

 000-couple erotic-ice

That’s the implement of her torture/pleasure
At least the first one

I move quietly to the bed
I don’t want her to know I’m coming
Already the single cube
Is making my fingertips numb

I lean over her
Let her feel my warm lips against hers
That’s our only contact
Warm contact

Then I kiss lower
Being sure to let her feel
The warmth of my lips
My breath on her smooth soft skin

Only warmth

My lips find the luscious swell of her breasts
First one and then the other
Warmth on warmth
My warm lips and warm breath on warm flesh

I kiss in slow circles
Adding my tongue to the journey
Warm and wet, encircling
Climbing the mountain toward the peak

Her nipples swell in anticipation
Eager for the warmth of my mouth, my tongue
I want to laugh but only smile
Am I about to be cruel?

I shake my hand behind my back
Send extraneous drops flying away
I don’t want her to be warned
Damn, her nipples are so hard!

Soft, warm licks and kisses
As I move the cube closer
She’s enjoying the warmth
She wants more of it

I give her the ice

She gasps and shudders
Her back arches up, beautifully
I press the cube against one nipple
And then the other, and she spasms

Her pleasure and her discomfort are one
She can’t stand it, but she wants more
So I freeze one delicious nipple
While I warm the other in my mouth

And then I alternate
And she cries out for her maker
And I wonder how hard she’ll pray
When I go lower

© 2011
The Black

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