The Wife Episodes No. 1: Five Silk Scarves

The Wife Episodes No. 1

Five Silk Scarves

000-babe bound to bed

I stand in the bedroom entry, watching

Reminding myself that this is her idea

Her fantasy realized

Something she can do

Because she trusts me

In my male crudity I would have used clothesline cord

But she wanted this to be sexy, sensual

So we’re using silk scarves

Five of them

 One each around her ankles

One each around her wrists

One around her eyes

She lies bound to our bed’s four posters

Naked, spread-eagled, lovely

 I stand in our bedroom entry

Watching her as she lies helpless, waiting

She licks her lips in anticipation

Pink tongue flicking over soft lips

I feel something stir inside me

My heartbeat and my breath

Are just a little too quick

Because power is an intoxicant

And an aphrodisiac

I remind myself that she trusts me

She’s left it to me to decide

How her pleasure will come

That’s a part of her fantasy

Not knowing how it will come

How I’m going to make her come

I think of whipped cream and honey

Chocolate syrup, feathers and vibrators

A riding crop (where the hell would I find one?)

The pretty bi girl who lives next door

I remind myself again that she trusts me


A voice whispers in my mental ear

Maybe it’s the Devil

Or perhaps my own inner sadist

I wonder how bad I can make it for her

Before I make it good

 I remind myself that she trusts me

© 2011 The Black

  1. Sabrina S. Scott


  2. Trust opens all barriers and most legs…Nice poem, The Black.

  3. Trinity Wise

    Very visual and nice concept.

  4. This really clever, I enjoyed reading it.

  5. As always, phenomenal. But I expected nothing less. 🙂

  6. Interesting, I was imaging the scene

  7. oooh yes, sounds perfect 😉

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