Baby Girl: The Call

Baby Girl

The Call


Just another night for Us when We’re apart

You on My laptop screen

Giving Me You

Showing Me how beautiful You are

In Your bliss

I love Your body

But I want to see Your face again

So beautiful when You’re at Your peak

My Baby Girl so lovely

Last night, looking at Your face as You came

I discovered what angels look like

I want to see that again tonight

Baby Girl-The Call











You’re on Your way, so close

When My phone rings

A friend

A former lover

Voicemail is appropriate

You are always My priority

You on My laptop screen

Giving Me You

Showing Me how beautiful You are

As You guide Yourself to Your ecstasy


So lovely

But You say, “Call her back if you want”

My surprise comes and goes in a blink

Because I know You at Your core

And Your smile and the Blue Flame in Your eyes

Tell Me that it’s no issue because

You know who You belong to

And who I belong to

And what We are to and for each Other



There is no threat in a world of Two

Where no one else exists



So I call her back

Turn up the speakers

Let her hear You in Your ecstasy

Sweet sighs and moans

She can’t see what I see

But she can hear

Damn, what she can hear!

I tell You to say hello to her by name

Your breathless greeting sounds like raw sex

Because it is

She mutters, “Damn.”

I know what she’s thinking, feeling

Hearing her name breathed out as raw sex

I bet You’re not the only one who’s wet

Your eyes are on fire

Your smile wicked

You like this

I’m digging You being You

Such a Woman

So fucking sexy

My Baby Girl



On the phone

My friend

A former lover

Hears You being the Woman You are

Hears Your unrestrained, unashamed ecstasy

Your declaration that You’re Mine

I know she’s impressed

She confirms by telling Me

I ought to marry You

She doesn’t understand

That You’re already Mine

Our matrimony occurred on the day You were born

Our lifelong honeymoon is just beginning

Tonight was only foreplay


© July 2014
The Black



















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