Peaches (From Speaking as a Man: Poetry & Prose)


Sitting at her kitchen table

Watching her hum and dance to the radio

Barefoot and sexy in faded bell-bottom jeans

And a too-large man’s shirt that can’t hide her charms


She spoons canned peaches into a bowl

While I dig the way she moves

I’m not hungry but I could eat

And I like peaches


Then she pours milk in the bowl and ruins it

I hate milk


“Do you want some?” she asks, smiling sweetly

I say “No, thank you”

Being extra polite because I’m just nineteen

Because she’s twenty-one and thinks I’m a kid


So I’m on love’s probation

On my best behavior, trying to be a man

But I wish she’d not put milk in the bowl

Because I like peaches


She sits and raises her spoon to my lips

Again offering a taste of her fruit

I gaze at the sweet golden slice; so tempting

While she watches me, smiling…waiting…


Then I look at the vile white liquid

And shake my head

I really hate milk


She shrugs and eats slowly, relishing each mouthful

I watch each succulent slice disappear

Leaving white droplets glistening on soft puckered lips

I know those lips; in the last two weeks she’s given me a taste

But just a taste

Peaches & Cream

She lifts the bowl to her lovely lips

And the top of her shirt falls open

I steal a glimpse of heaven

The swell of smooth vanilla wafer hued flesh


Her pink tongue flicks out

She finishes her milk like a kitten

While gazing at me with hooded eyes, smiling


Slowly, she licks the last drops of sweetness from her lips

She watches me watching her

That tongue, those lips

She closes her eyes and smiles

“Mmm… that was so good,” she whispers

I forget to breathe

I’m hungry now


She stretches like a golden lioness, full and contented

“Are you sure you don’t want some?” she asks again

I look at the bowl

The empty bowl


She watches me, smiling…waiting…

I’m just nineteen

Life’s mysteries are unfolding slowly

But I learn; I do learn

“Yes,” I answer, “Yes, I want some”


She comes slowly around the table to me

Barefoot and sexy

Faded bell-bottom jeans left on her kitchen floor

A too-large man’s shirt flutters away like a cotton spirit


Smooth vanilla wafer hued skin

So soft and warm

So sweet against my lips

I like Vanilla Wafers

And I really love Peaches


In memory of Diane P. (1953-1975), who left this world at the tender age of 21.


From Speaking as a Man: Poetry & Prose



  1. I am never disappointed…Never. 😉

  2. This is first time I have read one of your poems ,I really like it because it reads more like a story . Taught me something new today Professor, I like an author who teaches while entertaining me at the same time.

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