Christopher Bynum, Author

An Interview with “With Benefits” Stars Kyle and Britt

Somewhere on the New Jersey Shore
October 2011

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Q: So Kyle and Britt, here we are in the autumn of 2011, which puts us at about Chapter 48 in “With Benefits,” the story of your friendship. How are things going so far?

K: Pretty good, I think.

B: I agree. Kyle is a nice guy.

Q: You two hit it off right away. Why didn’t you act on your attraction to each other when you met?

K: I wouldn’t say right away. Things were kind of tense at first.

B: Oh please! That tension—if you want to call it that—lasted for all of five seconds. Then you started cracking jokes. He had me laughing so hard I was crying, and in front of my coworkers!

K: No Britt, you started with the jokes. Remember the lab rats?

B: Oh…right.

Q: So if you two were so friendly on that first day, even telling jokes, why didn’t you act on things then?

B: We were seeing other people.

K: Well, she was. I was single.

B: Don’t listen to him. He broke up with someone the day before we met, and the day after we met he was seeing someone new. I don’t call barely stopping to catch your breath between women being single.

Q: So you two got together after the relationships you were in when you met ended.

B: We’re friends.

Q: But you’re also intimate.

B: It wasn’t like we were sneaking around behind our significant other’s backs waiting for the chance to get together. After the day Kyle and I met we didn’t see each other again for months.

K: And even when we did see each other, we were just hanging out; going to lunch, playing racquetball…

Q: So no romance?

K: Like Britt said, we’re friends.

Q: But you also sleep together.

B: We didn’t really plan that…

K: Things just sort of happened.

Q: So you’re saying that your intimacy took place that first time in spite of your free will?

K: I’m not saying that at all. We have…Britt and I have this vibe between us, like a natural connection, you know? That’s why we were able to kid around even though we didn’t know each other at all, which goes against both our personalities. I think we’re both a little introverted, so there was definitely a vibe.

B: And in certain situations human beings act out in abnormal ways as a defense mechanism. When we…our first time happened during one of those situations.

Q: Understood. I won’t ask you to go into detail and spoil the suspense for readers. So how does your friendship work? What would either of you do if you met someone with whom you wanted to be involved?

K: The agreement is that if that happens, we be up front about it. That way there’s no drama.

Q: And Britt, that’s by your mutual agreement?

B: Yes…yes it is.

Q: Are either of you actively looking for a relationship with someone?

K: I’m just taking life as it comes.

Q: What about you, Britt?

B: The same.

Q: So how does this work? I mean, let’s say you met someone that you thought might present the potential for a real relationship. At what point would either of you tell the other that you need to cease your intimacy for the sake of your new relationship?

K: We pretty much talk about everything going on in our lives, so I don’t think it would be all that dramatic. Like, if we met someone and started dating them, we’d tell each other from the jump. So I think it would kind of be like the other person would see it coming as it happened.

Q: Do you agree, Britt?

B: Yes. We talk about everything.

Q: What about non-committal relationships? For example, Britt, last month you were in Switzerland for a week on business. If you’d met someone there, would you tell Kyle about it?

Q: Britt?

B: Having a relationship with someone who lives in another country wouldn’t make logistical sense. So I don’t see that happening. For either of us.

Q: I was speaking hypothetically and not necessarily about a committed relationship. What about a fling; a one-night stand? That wouldn’t have to happen in another country. What if either of you met someone with whom you hit it off, and the physical attraction led you to immediate intimacy? Would you share that information with each other?

K: Okay look, I’m not going to put Britt’s business out there like that, other than to say this: if it’s just about sex and what I like and what I’m happy with, then as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t get much better than Britt. So for me, I’m not really looking for a jump off chick.

B: Aw, you’re so sweet!

Q: Do you feel the same, Britt?

B: Well, I’ll just say that there’s nothing like a man who has the tools and is an expert in their use.

Q: All right then, moving right along, and this will be our last question: How long do you think you can maintain your friends with benefits relationship? What’s your plan for the long-term?

K: There’s no plan. Sometimes people screw up by jumping the gun and trying to make something what it isn’t before they know what it is. Things are good right now, and I believe that if it isn’t broken, you shouldn’t mess with it. So we’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings, you know?

Q: Britt, do you agree?

B: Like Kyle said, things are good right now.


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  1. I liked this interview. A lot was said in what Britt didn’t say.

  2. Read the book and loved it. Also really liked this interview. Britt and Kyle are two of my favorite characters. Keep writing!!

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