About The Black

I call myself a multi-genre author of fiction because I write everything. I call myself The Black because if the categories of stories that were born and live in my imagination were colors, then they’d be what colors become when they’re combined into one: Black. There’ll be many colors to read in the near and far future. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Loving the work!

  2. Magnificent writing.

    How may I read previous chapters of stories you have posted,…..i.e. The Girl Next Door?

    Thank you in advance


    Since its so hot this summer can we get something from the Passions Nector series?

  4. I’ve been a fan of your work for quite a while now and I love everything I’ve read by you so far. You and Sweetkaramel are two of my favorite authors.

  5. You are on your way to becoming a best seller. To see your books on kindle is really awesome. I still hope The Hitman becomes a movie. Your writing draws the reader in. I know that you have more to share. I am so happy for you and always will be. I still cross my legs while reading your stories. Smiles

    • Thank you Smiles, for your kind words. I’m still working on The Hitman Chronicles. It’s grown into a monster story that might require a few volumes. Glad to know you still have to cross your legs.

      The Black

  6. How can i read the remainder of platonic

  7. Read all 3 of the Passion series. Is Passion’s Fire still in the works?

  8. authorsherysenoelledubose

    Absolutely adding to the must-read list.

  9. Hey there Mr.Bynum I’m a longtime fan a would like to ask you if you can repost robins and lucas story. It was a pleasure to read and are you going to expand on itin the future.

    • Hey Buttagrimes, long time no see. I’m going to edit and expand “The Professional,” to include Robyn and Lucas’ story, for book release later this summer. Stay tuned…

  10. Just finished reading The Insatiable Series…I so wanted Simon and Elle to still be together but you have Simon with Madison . Please tell me you’ll bring Simon and Elle back together again ! I’m also looking forward to reading more about Aurelles and Kias gift . Loved,loved the books..Hope it’s more to this series !

  11. Hi, just wanted to say LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! I just came across your work last year and I am so thankful for that experience. Thanks for doing what you do, readers like myself appreciate the gift. When will The Professional be available on kindle

  12. Someone in BRAB recommended one of your books. I can’t remember the name of the book and it really doesn’t matter because I’ve discovered that I LOVE EVERYTHING that I’ve read by you. I started with “What Becomes of The Brokenhearted”, then on to “A Southern Belle: Forbidden”, “The Getaway”. “The Professional” and now getting into “The Neighbor”. NOT ONE DUD!!!! LOVING YOUR STYLE!!! FAN FOR LIFE!!! Thank You!

  13. Hi Mr Bynum,
    Its been a while since I left a post and thought ….you know He is still one of my favorites and I need to say so. I get just as excited today as then anticipating then getting to read one of your epic books. Thanks again for doing you.

  14. Hello Mr Bynum,
    Whats new on the horizon in the world of The Black. Just checking in for an update.

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