Excerpt: THE WAY OF A MAN WITH A NEIGHBOR (Late Night Shopping)

In the wee hours of the morning the huge Value-Mart Superstore parking lot was almost empty. Sam parked halfway across the space from the store entry; a good long walk.

Camilla had brought along a Persian blue T-shirt mini-dress and black pumps for the occasion. As Sam parked his Jeep she slipped into the dress and heels and they headed for the store.

Once they were in the Value-Mart Sam put his cell phone in video standby mode as they scouted for the best place to play.

The hardware section located at one far end of the store seemed the ideal spot. After all, who goes shopping for light bulbs and toilet seats at 2:00 in the morning?

The hardware section aisles lined up perpendicular to a narrower aisle. Beyond the narrow aisle was a wall stocked with water filters and plumbing supplies. Sam checked that aisle; to the far right it opened onto the Lawn & Garden Center. To the left the aisle ended at an industrial metal door with a porthole window with the advisory EMPLOYEES ONLY stenciled below the window. The door didn’t have a knob or handle, just a brass push plate and a steel kick plate.

Camilla stayed at the end of the paint aisle with her back to the wall stocked with water filters. With his heart trying to imitate a bass drum Sam moved back to halfway up the paint aisle. He aimed his phone at Camilla and started recording video.

Camilla blew a kiss at the camera, then grasped the hem of her dress.

Sam shot a look over his shoulder, checking for silently walking shoppers and graveyard shift store employees. The coast was clear. He looked back down the aisle in time to catch Camilla whipping her dress over her head. Then she almost gave him a heart attack by flipping her dress away and out of sight behind the aisle end cap.

His heart thundering, Sam recorded Camilla as she strolled up the aisle toward him wearing nothing but her pumps.

This is crazy, he thought. What would happen if they got busted? Would some shopper report them to the store? Would the store call the police, or just kick them out? And what about everybody but newborn babies having cell phone cameras today? If they got busted tonight, tomorrow images of Camilla naked could be all over the internet.

Sauntering up the aisle, Camilla’s long-legged stride made her hips pendulum. Her heels tapped out a slow, sensual but predatory rhythm. It reminded Sam of the feminine stalking scene in the film noir horror flick Cat People. That’s what Camilla brought to mind—a cat on the prowl, unconcerned about who might see her. Hell, they might become her victim.

But she was naked, in a store, exposed under the white glare of overhead fluorescents.

The door of a cell in the dungeon of Sam’s fantasies slid open. The beast within sank its fangs into the flesh of his worry and ripped away a chunk. The beast swallowed his apprehension and spit out the bones of a desire to see what happened next.

With his ears perked for the sound of footsteps and shopping carts Sam backed up to keep Camilla in frame. He reached the main aisle and stopped beside the end cap.

Camilla kept coming.

Sam leaned back and checked left and right. The main aisle—a broad walkway running from the front of the store to the back—was empty.

Camilla reached him and stopped a couple of feet from the end of the aisle.

Their choices now were to retrace their steps back down the paint aisle or take a chance and step into the main aisle, then circle around the end cap and take the adjacent aisle back to the water filter wall.

For a couple of reasons Sam thought they should go back the way they’d come. One, though the main aisle was currently empty, he’d seen a handful of shoppers and night shift workers when they entered the store. Any one of those people could enter the main aisle at any moment. Two, he’d noticed blue half-globes mounted in the ceilings above the store’s main aisles. He was pretty sure the globes concealed security cameras. If Camilla stepped into the main aisle his camera wouldn’t be the only one to capture her wearing nothing but black pumps.

New apprehension jangled Sam’s nerves. Camilla had been naked in Value-Mart for about a minute, longer than he’d planned. He’d anticipated that if they found a safe spot she’d whip her dress off and keep it handy, he’d get a few seconds of hot video, then she’d put her dress back on and they’d haul ass out of the store. But she’d been naked longer. Maybe too long. And if the worst happened right now and somebody walked up on them her dress was nowhere in sight.

Camilla was waiting for him to instruct her to do the next thing; whatever he wanted. As she waited she flashed a bottom lip-biting smile for the camera. She was digging this.

Keeping his voice low, Sam said, “You look beautiful.”

He intended in his next words to be to tell Camilla to go grab her dress. But before he could she said, “Touch me.”

Okay, Sam decided, a few seconds more. Still listening for anyone approaching, with his free hand he grazed his fingertips over Camilla’s breasts. Her nipples were stones. He was sure it had nothing to do with the store’s air conditioning.

Camilla grasped his wrist impatiently, spread her legs with a double-tap heel click and guided his hand down between her legs. She pressed his fingers into her moist softness.

In a voice too loud for Sam’s comfort she said, “Make me come. I’ll be quick.”


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