Excerpt from THE WAY OF A MAN WITH A NEIGHBOR: Promises, Promises

A Man with a Neighbor Cover-250When Sam came out of the shower the aroma of brewing coffee greeted him. It canceled his fantasy that Camilla was lying in bed down the hall, waiting for him to show up for a morning fuck.

He found her in the kitchen, standing at the stove working on breakfast. She was wearing his denim shirt, which she hadn’t given back after he’d draped it over her shoulders on the beach. This shirt wasn’t as long as his ABU shirt, which had a straight-cut hem and had fallen to high one Camilla’s thighs. His denim shirt had a rounded hem, and in the front and rear was just long enough to cover her goodies, as long as she didn’t take a deep breath. The shirt’s higher cut sides exposed the curve of her hips and made her legs look a mile long. The shirt made up the entirety of her morning ensemble.

“Smells good,” Sam said as he entered the kitchen.

Camilla looked around and smiled, “Good morning. How’s bacon and eggs?”


“Fried or scrambled?”

Sam reached the stove and they shared a soft kiss. He let one hand drift from the small of Camilla’s back down to where the shirt ended. As he fiddled with the hem his fingers brushed her bare bottom. “I’m sorry—what was the question again?”

“You’re being a bad boy, making things worse.” She made no move to reposition his hand.

“Making what worse?”

“I tossed and turned all night, thinking about you coming to my bed. Every time I heard the house creak I thought it was you. I hoped it was you.”

“I was thinking the same way. When the tests come back we can quit hoping.”

“Mmm, promises, promises.”

“And by the way, keep that shirt. It looks better on you than me.”

“I don’t plan on needing it after the tests come back.”

“You might need it to wear to get from your house to mine,” Sam said.

Camilla gave him an odd look and turned back to the stove. “Like I said, I don’t plan on needing it.”


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