A Man with a Neighbor Cover-500

Aunt Helen’s Birthday Celebration

Delia was as sweet as molasses when talking to Camilla, but Sam noticed as the celebration wore on that whenever he saw her looking their way she was giving them the evil eye. When Camilla excused herself to go to the bathroom his cousin made a beeline through the crowd to him. She grabbed his arm and tugged him against a wall away from the earshot of family and friends.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean Ricky said you met her two weeks ago, but you’re walking around here all goofy-googly like some newlyweds who got some in the car on the way over here.”

“I have no idea what that means.”

“It means you’re moving kind of fast, don’t you think?”

“You talking about me or both of us?”

“You’re my first cousin, Sam. You’re as much like a brother to me as those two fools that’re my real brothers. Her I don’t know. I just hope you know what you’re doing because you don’t know her either.”

“Last time I checked I was grown, Delia.”

“Age doesn’t give you common sense, especially when it comes to—”

“To what—white women?”

“Fool, I couldn’t care less if she was green with orange stripes. I heard Ricky and Cutter talking about her, and I’m guessing what they know they got from you. All three of you are fools; you think more about getting your little pee-pees wet than anything else. How well can you know this chick after just two weeks?”

“As well as I could know anybody. Probably better. We live next door to each other, remember?”

“That doesn’t mean shit. You don’t really know a person until you spend some time with them after all the excitement wears off. Hell, some people can put on a front for years before that mask starts cracking and you get to see what’s under it. Years, Sammy, not two weeks, you hear me? All I’m saying is you don’t know this chick from nobody. And if you really think it’s about her being white, say it again and I swear to God I’ll knee you in your nuts right in front Mama and all these people.”

“I know what I’m doing. We both do.”

“You fucking her?”

“That’s my business.”

“Uh-huh, yeah you are. I can see it in your face. That means you don’t know shit. All you know is she’s got big titties and a round ass and a hole between her legs.” Delia shook her head and gave him the kind of piteous look one would give a dying puppy. “I swear men are fools.”

“Look Delia, I appreciate your concern, but you haven’t said a thing I haven’t already thought about, and Camilla too. We’re not teenagers who don’t know jack about life. We’ve been there and been there for a minute. We know what we want and what we’re doing.”

“I hope you do, Sammy, for real. But I’m gonna say it again: After two weeks all you can really know about her is how she is between the sheets. You don’t know what she’s hiding under her bed, and if it’s something bad she’s not gonna show you until she’s ready to use it on you. Then it’s too late.”


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