A new excerpt from my forthcoming erotic novel:


As Sam was visualizing his neighbor naked and wet his phone rang again. This time his caller ID displayed a name he recognized.

“Rey! Hey man, how’s it going?”

Rey Fernandez was one of his buddies from his last assignment in California. Rey was an Air Force Master Sergeant—the rank Sam held when he retired—and a Puerto Rican with Latin lover looks many Hollywood actors would kill for. One reason Rey and Sam hit it off was that they were both from North Jersey—Sam from Jersey City and Rey from Linden. Another was that they both geeked out over technology. Much of what Sam knew about computers he’d learned from Rey. Though Sam had expected that like most military friendships theirs would die off after he retired, Rey had stayed in touch. He dropped Sam a call once or twice a month.

“Still going, Sam my man. You in your new house yet?”

“Yeah, about three weeks. I’m liking it so far. What’s up back in Cali?”

“I just got my orders, brother. I’m outta here.”

“Where to?”

“Hey, you know I was trying to get back east, right, to be close to my girls, right?”

“Yeah, right.”

Rey was a single father of twelve year-old twin daughters. He got to be a single parent when his daughters were in kindergarten, while he was on a remote assignment in Korea. Rey’s wife and daughters lived with Rey’s mother while he was overseas. Rey told Sam that one day his wife decided she didn’t want to live with his mother anymore. And, she didn’t want to be a mother and wife any more. So she left the girls with Rey’s mother and left for who knows where. Rey had made the best of things being a single parent, but his Air Force duties often meant his daughters had to live with his mother in Jersey.

Rey wasn’t bitter about his circumstances. He wasn’t that kind of dude. He’d chalked it up to the military way of life not being for everybody, and that sometimes people didn’t know it wasn’t for them until they were tested. The causalities of war didn’t always involve dying on a battlefield.

“You know I was trying to get back home, Sam man. I put in for Jersey and all the bases in the northeast from Maryland up, hoping I’d get one of them. So you know how that works. I’m going to North Carolina in October.”

“Damn. Sorry man.”

“But hey, it’s all good, you know? It could’ve been worse, like North Dakota or overseas again. At least I’m on the east coast. I can retire close to home.”

Rey was always a positive kind of dude, always looking at the bright side of every situation. As positive as he was, and because he had that hot Latin thing going for him, Sam thought he should have had more women. But Rey was a computer nerd and comic book fan boy to his core, which flew in the face of his Latin lover looks. A lot of women couldn’t get with his program after they got to know him. For many the reality of who Rey was didn’t match the fantasy his looks inspired.

“That’s cool,” Sam said. “Which base?” There were a couple of Air Force bases in North Carolina.

“Seymour Johnson.”

“That’s only a couple hours from here.”

“Then I’ll definitely be checking you out. So have you met any hot southern belles yet?”

“Man, where I live there’s nothing but trees. Once you get settled you need to roll up this way and you’ll see.”

Laughing, Rey said, “Damn brother, how you gonna hook me up then?”

“You might need to hook me up with one of the babes from the base.”

“It’s that bad, like, nobody?”

“Okay, this is nothing right now, but I just met my neighbor yesterday. She’s hot, and she’s definitely already flirting. Unless I’m way off my game she’s flashing more signals than a traffic light.”

“She got a sister?”

“I don’t know her like that yet. But she’s coming over this morning for eggs.”

“You just met her yesterday and you’re cooking for her already? Either you got serious game or you’re desperate.”

Hearing Rey say it out loud did make what had happened between him and Camilla seem crazy quick. Yesterday morning he didn’t know her, and this morning he was making her breakfast. Almost from the minute he’d opened his door for her yesterday she’d been with him, either physically or in his head. And why, because she was a good-looking, accessible woman? Because she was bold and seemed interested in him? Because he was hard up?

Feeling defensive Sam said, “She had me over for dinner last night. We killed a couple bottles of wine. I figured I’d return the favor this morning.”

“Sounds like to me you’re all set then, Sam man. So she’s hot huh?”

A Man with a Neighbor-17-BWaSam pictured the way Camilla’s tee-shirt dress had molded to the sway of her hips and ass as she’d walked up the steps ahead of him. “Pretty face and an old school body—healthy curves. And legs…damn! But I don’t know about being all set. I’m playing it by ear and following her lead, you know?”

“So ask her if she has a hot sister between twenty-five and fifty. No younger, because I don’t want to have to talk slow and use only single syllable words.”

“I’ll try to remember, if I’m not too distracted looking at her legs.”

“Then I’m gonna let you go cook some eggs, brother. If I don’t hear from you soon I’ll know you’re either buried between your hot neighbor’s thighs or buried in her back yard.”


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  1. I’m ready! This sounds like classic Christopher “The Black” Bynum and I can hardly wait.

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