The Elevator- a short story sample.

Author Mel Bynum

The Elevator

Mark grabbed a quick cup of coffee, brushed his wife’s cheek with his lips, and ruffled his young son’s hair on the way out. He mumbled something about being late, an important client meeting, and love you. He clutched his briefcase firmly under his arm and palmed his keys as he made his mad dash out of the door.

As he clicked his remote starter he told himself they needed to sit down and actually have a meal together. Some day. Soon. His son wasn’t a boy anymore. He blinked and his childhood fast forwarded. Clients, meetings, stress, repeat. He longed to slow down the pace- even for a day. He promised himself a day off with them. Soon.

He jumped in the Audi A8 , and “Life is a Highway” blasted from the satellite radio. His iphone beeped with multiple notifications . He drowned out all the…

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