Forget everything you thought you knew about vampires.


Chapter 36


The thing about being the boss was that you didn’t have to concern yourself with punching a clock to prove you were at work. Probably most people on the job were happier when you weren’t around anyway.

Thanks to the craft of making and selling furniture passed to him from his father, whose father passed it to him and whose father passed it to him, Percy owned his own furniture store in Cherry Hill. He was the boss. He could come and go as he pleased. Lately he had been going a lot more than he used to. Lately in the afternoons he couldn’t wait to get home, so he’d leave the store early.

Percy was beginning to wonder if he was some kind of deviant. Some kind of pervert. Lately he thought about sex all the time. He was thirty-four years old and he thought about sex more now than he did when he was a randy teenager.

Home meant sex.

As Percy pulled his car into the far bay of his home’s attached garage his body reacted as if it had a mind of its own. As he slid out of his car he was as hard as a two-by-four.

Lately when he came home early, when Trudy heard his car in the garage she’d stop working on whatever she was preparing for dinner and start getting undressed. A couple of days ago she’d been waiting naked in the mudroom, and they’d done it right there on the grimy linoleum. Even on their honeymoon Trudy hadn’t gotten completely naked. She wasn’t that kind of girl. Or at least she didn’t use to be.

Percy thought his wife might have become some kind of pervert too. That was another reason he couldn’t wait to get home from work.

This evening Trudy wasn’t waiting for him in the kitchen. He didn’t smell dinner cooking. That was odd. He thought she must be home because her car was in the near bay of the garage.

He called out for her but she didn’t respond.

Percy didn’t find Trudy on the first floor.

He didn’t find her upstairs in any of their five bedrooms.

He went down into the basement last, his heartbeat seeming to double with each downward step. The lights were out down here, and the black curtains Trudy made on her sewing machine were drawn over the windows. Were it not for the light coming through the open upper door the space would have been pitch black.

The light from above was all Percy needed to make his way to the basement storeroom. He spotted something on the concrete floor outside of the closed storeroom door. That was different.  A few steps closer and he recognized the something as Trudy’s clothes and apron, neatly folded. Her penny loafers were placed next to her clothes like little soldiers standing guard. How cute.

Percy stood outside the closed storeroom door, considering. The light from upstairs barely reached this door. Anyway, it was artificial light, so it didn’t matter. What mattered was sunlight. Trudy’s black basement curtains blocked out what was left of the day’s light.

Percy opened the storeroom door. He reached into the darkness, found the chain light cord and tugged. The storeroom’s overhead bulb clicked on.

The basement storeroom was the size of a large walk-in closet. Recently Percy had removed the built-in shelves. Now a twin-sized bed fit in the space with about a foot to spare on either side.

They were on the bed, asleep.

Either in their sleep or in the throes of passion they had kicked the bedcovers down. They lay naked and huddled together like two newborn puppies seeking each other’s body heat.

Standing in the storeroom door looking at them, Percy told himself he shouldn’t be upset with Trudy for not having his dinner ready. He told himself that he shouldn’t be jealous that his wife got to spend more time with Abby than him.

And anyway, now he was as hard as stone.

Percy got undressed thinking that Trudy would cluck her tongue at him for not bothering to fold his clothes.

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  1. Good morning Mr Bynum,
    It has been awhile since i posted but I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and say THANK YOU for always making the moments I spend readings your books such a pleasure and a worthwhile endeavor. I am never disappointed. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to my next treat.


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