Sample Sunday: IF ONLY FOR ONE NIGHT (Knights of Passion #1)

Henrico, Virginia Saturday Morning

KoP 1 Cover-250My next door neighbor’s name is Chione Matthews. We’re best friends. When we met she told me Chione (pronounced Chee-own-ee) means Mythical daughter of the Nile. That definitely fit for me because from the minute we met I wanted us to be more than friends. Unfortunately for me that was a myth that would exist only in my imagination. I’ll get to why.

As usual on Saturday mornings Chi and I were sitting in my kitchen, sipping coffee and splitting the cheesecake she’d made from scratch. The day was pleasantly cooler than typical for lower Virginia late in the spring so I had the air conditioner off and the windows open. Sunlight beamed in riding on a honeysuckle-scented breeze. Alicia Keys’ “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” playing on VH-1 in my living room provided a soundtrack for the beautiful morning. More beautiful was the young woman sitting across the kitchen table from me. Every time Chione looked at me the sunlight got brighter and the air got sweeter.

“The talking heads are saying your girl’s going to concede today,” I said. “Are you coming over to the winning team or holding a grudge?”

“Hillary’s a fighter, so let’s wait and see,” Chione said. “But if she concedes I’ll roll with your boy Obama.”

“Then get ready to roll. She knows the fight is over.”

“I would totally do her,” Chione said.

“Hillary Clinton?”

Chi rolled her eyes. “No, you dolt…” She tilted her chin toward the living room. “Alicia Keys.”

“Oh. I can see that. She does it for you, huh?”

“She doesn’t for you?”

“She’s okay,” I said. “So Alicia Keys is your celebrity crush?”

“I’d do her. But if we’re talking totally hot bodies, I’ll take Rihanna.” From behind the rim of her coffee mug Chi flashed me a mischievous smile. “So who’s your celebrity crush, Griff?” She puckered her lips and blew into her cup. As she sipped her coffee, for the umpteenth time I imagined what it might feel like to kiss her lips.

“Sade,” I said while thinking You, baby.


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  1. Great Story,
    Your characters always leave me wanting to know more about them. But I’m confused, would a man seriously consider a permenant relationship with a woman he video taped with another woman. Or is my age, gender, and naivety showing.

    Looking forward to Knights of Passion #2

    • Thank you for your kind words Brenda. I think when it comes to people, there are no absolutes. And maybe the ones who break the mold are a bit more interesting.

      I plan to have the other two books in the series published this year.

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