New Release: IF ONLY FOR ONE NIGHT (Knights of Passion #1)

KoP 1 Cover-250My name is Griffin Knight. I’m separated from my joke of a marriage and on my way to divorce, just as soon as my ex sends the paperwork. When the mailman delivers the divorce papers I’m going to sign them, seal them, slap a stamp on them and tackle him before he gets back to his mail truck. That’s how ready I am to move on.

To that end I’ve moved to a new home in a new state and I’m ready to start my new life.

When I relocated I thought it would be a long time if ever before I wanted to get into a serious relationship again. But there’s been a couple of problems with my plan.

Problem #1: I live in a rented duplex. My next door neighbor is a young woman named Chione. Her odd name means Mythical daughter of the Nile. Believe me, she is all that.

In the year since I moved Chi and I have become good friends. Best friends even. Every Saturday morning she comes over and we have coffee together. And every Saturday morning when I look across my kitchen table at her I see the future I want.

Problem #2: Chione is gay.

I respect Chi as a person, as a woman and as my friend. I would never do anything to disrespect her or jeopardize our friendship.

But damn it, the heart wants what it wants.

KINDLE               NOOK

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