When it’s Hot We Want Snow…

Bynum-005a…and during the bleak gray days of winter we yearn for the blue skies and sunshine of summer. That’s part of the human condition—the way we seem to appreciate more the things we don’t have in the moment.

It applies to writing too. Trust me, I know because I just went through it. I spent most of the summer doing more planning to write than writing. You know how it is when you know you’ve got it like that so you can get to it whenever you feel like it. Until you can’t.

For the past month I’ve been battling a cold or virus that’s been threatening to come on full force but didn’t quite make it. Headache, body aches and chills. Wincing with each swallow. Sleepless nights. Fun stuff.

It’s aggravating, but more aggravating than the discomfort is that being sick threw me off my game. I was ready to write. I wanted to write. But thanks to my illness, I couldn’t get into my zone. I need to be in my zone: Deep into my story project; living with my characters in their world. Thanks to my illness I couldn’t get there. It’s winter and I’ve been missing the sunshine.

But that’s mostly past. I’m getting back on track. Here’s what’s coming:

Earlier this month I released Honey Bun. It’s a back-in-the-day erotic romance that’s a prelude to my Knights of Passion series. The Knights are brothers Anderson and Griffin Knight and their cousin Morgan Knight. Each will have his own book. Though these are present day tales, one of the Knights has a romantic connection to Honey Bun. You’ll see.

In upcoming months be on the lookout for the first episode of The Hitman Chronicles, a sequel (of sorts) to Black Satin, and the third episode in the Nightwalkers series: Nightwalkers Book Three: The Vampire Linares. There’ll likely be other literary surprises along the way, but for now I’ll keep them under cover.

The weather has taken a turn for the better, so stay tuned.


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  1. WOW!!! Man I’m so happy to hear you are getting better. I’ve been wondering what has been up with you. And I’m truly sorry you were sick but again glad your doing better.

  2. You are never really off game.

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    My better Half…B1b.

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