Excerpt from Dream Girl


Dream Girl

Dream Girl

She did not know where real people came from, how they were created. Perhaps if she knew how they were created she could learn how to make herself be a real person, too. Then Roland could love her. Then she would own his heart. She thought that would be very nice, if he would love her so much that she would own his heart. Maybe it would make her feel nice, the way pink things and new shoes made her feel nice.

She needed to know what real people knew about where they came from. Her hands flew over the keyboard in a blur as she input her search criteria, and then cross-referenced it. It seemed that there was a specific book that had the information she required. The data she found stated that it was the most popular book in the world. That meant that it must be a very important book to real people.

She found the book easily. Fortunately, she wouldn’t need to order it, because it was available to read from thousands of sources online and in many languages, free of charge. That was a good thing, that she didn’t have to order the book, because Roland wouldn’t provide her with a credit card until Monday, and she could not disobey his instruction not to use his again.

Ana selected a web site and clicked on the hyperlink. The webpage for the book appeared. She hugged herself and smiled. This was so exciting! She was about to discover where real people came from, and perhaps how she might become a real person herself. Then Roland could love her and give her his heart. Ana began to read:


Chapter 1


While Roland slept Ana read the entire book. Then she read it again. She never needed to read a book twice. Once she received data for processing it was never erased. But this book was confusing. How was it possible that real people, and the entire world and everything that existed, came from nothing? If there was nothing in the beginning, how could one who created all exist?

The information in the book defied logical analysis. Ana did not think that it could be accurate. But real people believed it to be true. And real people created her. That meant that perhaps real people understood things that she could not. So even if she could not process how the data in the book could be accurate, for the present time she would accept that somehow it must be.

Ana scrolled back to the beginning of the book and read the first sector of Genesis again. There was a part of the book here that intrigued her. It was the story of Eve, the first woman.

Adam and Eve were created as immortals. Ana deduced that if they were immortal then they could not be real people, because real people aged and died. But then they became mortal. They became real people. Eve had found a way for this to be so.

Eve became a real person because she disobeyed her creator. For her disobedience, she and Adam were cast out of The Garden of Eden. The gift of eternal life was taken away from them. Eve became mortal. As punishment for her disobedience to her creator she became a real person. But even though she had been disobedient, her creator still loved her.

Ana found that very interesting.


Bradley Beach, New Jersey Thursday Morning

Roland her love was not coming home today. He had to go to a meeting at the school where he taught ungrateful bastards who didn’t want to learn. But he had surprised her last night by coming home so that they could make sweet love and chat for awhile. That was nice.

He was getting better. She made him ejaculate three times in 32.4733 minutes. That was nice, too. Her programming required that she enjoy his ejaculations. She’d enjoyed them immensely, so much so that when he left to go to his other home she’d had to replenish her solution. She had really enjoyed herself.

Ana thought it was good that Roland her love did not make love with his wife Benita. He was getting better at making love, but his ejaculate was not unlimited. He didn’t have any to spare. Ana’s programming required that she enjoy Roland her love’s ejaculate. She could not receive optimal enjoyment if she did not receive all that he could produce. Therefore, she did not want to share.

She wondered if Roland her love masturbated as other men did when they viewed pornographic images or young men do when locked in bathrooms. She had read about those things on the internet. She would have to ask him about that. If Roland her love masturbated, she would request that he not do it anymore. He was getting better, but he had no ejaculate to spare.

That was one thing for her to think about. She had something else important to think about.

Last night Roland her love told her about that crazy bastard Greg and how he thought he was in love with Pepper and wanted to marry her. Ana remembered Pepper. She was created at Head Box, Industries, like her. Pepper was not a real person. But that crazy bastard Greg loved her. Ana remembered that crazy bastard Greg, too. He was a real person. And he loved Pepper, who was not.

Ana thought that was very interesting. She thought that she would like to converse with Pepper. She would like to find out what Pepper did to make that crazy bastard Greg fall in love with her and want to marry her.

Ana did not know how to find Pepper. She did not know where that crazy bastard Greg lived. But Roland her love told her that they went to college together, at Monmouth University.

Ana went online and searched the university’s records. No web site security in existence could keep her away from wherever she wanted to research. Web sites were nothing more than computer data from a server—a computer. She supposed that in a sense, all computers were her family. They all shared the same binary coded blood. They all shared their own special language.

She found that crazy bastard Greg’s complete name and relevant personal information in the university’s student record database. Then she accessed another server’s data and found his current domicile address.

Roland her love told her that that crazy bastard Greg did not have another woman that he called a wife, so Pepper lived with him always. Ana thought that must be so nice for Pepper, to have that crazy bastard Greg love her and to live with him always. Pepper could make love with him very frequently. Ana wanted to be able to make love very frequently. And she wanted to be loved.

She was going to talk to Pepper. But first she had to do something. She had to be disobedient.

Like Eve.

That was something else to think about.

Ana went to the domicile foyer. She looked at the door. She looked at the doorknob. She was not supposed to leave this domicile without Roland her love. She was not supposed to allow anyone to enter, because there were crazy rapists out there. Ana knew what rapists were. They liked to make love violently and hurt real people. Ana was not afraid of crazy rapists. She could be very strong when she wanted to be. Certainly much stronger than real people.

She wanted to go outside without Roland her love. She wanted to be disobedient like Eve, and see if that might make her a real person. She looked at the door. She looked at the doorknob. She tried to make herself go to the door and open it. But she was not supposed to go outside.

This was very difficult.

But she wanted to be a real person.

Ana stood in the foyer. Looking at the door. Looking at the doorknob. Her programming required that she not disobey Roland her love. He told her not to leave this domicile without him. He told her not to let anyone inside. But he did not tell her that she could not open the door. She had opened the door before, to accept the delivery of her pretty pink nightie and shoes. But she wasn’t leaving the domicile then.

Ana stepped to the door, unlocked and opened it. Nice sunlight beamed in. She could see the pretty blue sky, and across the street the very pretty ocean.

Ana stood in the doorway, looking out at the pretty world, hugging herself and smiling.

She had made a decision. She had opened the door. And she wasn’t being disobedient. Not yet.

Baby steps.



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