Nightwalkers 3 Cover-250The darkness beneath the Monmouth City boardwalk was so dense it seemed to have tangible mass. Steve felt it closing in on him, as if seeking to wrap him in a cocoon of lightlessness. When he blindly reached out, extending his arms fully, he could not see his hands in front of him.

Without the benefit of sight he focused his other senses. Now he could hear the rumble of breaking waves and the snake hiss of the surf as it slithered across the sand. From all around him came the stink of dead and dying things: mollusks, crabs and clams; starfish and seaweed.

The pale radiance of the moon couldn’t penetrate the gloom beneath the boardwalk. His eyes weren’t adjusting to the darkness. Steve turned around, back toward the ocean, and felt a trill of panic grip his spine when he saw that the sky and the water were as black as the shadows under the boardwalk. He was blind.

Naked and sightless he felt vulnerable, and for the second time that evening he felt the hairs on his nape prickle a warning. What kept him from full panic, from turning tail and running out onto the beach was knowing that the pretty girl was somewhere in the darkness under the boardwalk, and she was naked too. He wanted her.

He turned around and peered pointlessly into the pressing dark. She was under there somewhere. Maybe she wanted it but was shy about him seeing her one hundred percent bare-assed. Or maybe it wasn’t him she was worried about, but the possibility that someone might walk past on the boardwalk and look down and see them if they were out on the sand.

Still blind, Steve called out, “Hey, um…hey, I’m sorry; I forgot your name. Where are you?”

He thought he saw something—two pinpoints of light, deeper in the darkness. But as suddenly as they appeared (if it wasn’t his imagination) they were gone. Hands extended, he moved cautiously that way. “Hello?”

His hands contacted something large and hairy and he nearly screamed before realizing that he’d walked into the grass-covered berm that angled up from the sand to street level. He was deep under the boardwalk, as far as he could go. Where was she?

Without warning she grabbed him from behind. This time he did cry out.


“Shh…I am so sorry,” she whispered. “I did not mean to frighten you.”

Her lips were on his shoulder, and Steve could feel her words in the heat of her breath. And he felt her breasts, softly plump, and her rubbery nipples, squashed into his back. The wiry hairs covering her sex pressed into the back of his thigh, hard enough for him to feel her damp desire.

She could feel his desire too, because she’d reached around him and grasped his erection in her soft hand. Simultaneously she pressed a kiss into his shoulder and began stroking him, slowly.

Steve felt electric ecstasy crackle from the point of contact throughout his body, a sensation so intense he rose up on his toes and groaned, “Uh, god!”

From behind she nipped at his earlobe, and then whispered, “I will give to you and you will give to me, okay?”

“Okay.” He would have agreed to anything she asked. He wanted her so badly.

She stopped stroking him and let go of his erection. He moaned again, this time at the loss of the sweet contact. With her hands on his shoulders she gently turned him around and guided him back, until he was reclined against the rough grass of the berm.

Her nakedness against his was smooth, like pliant glass, and oddly cool considering the warmth of the late summer night.

She moved over him on the berm, straddling his hips, and he felt her soft hand again, grasping him, guiding him to her, grinding herself down onto him.

He had never been with a girl like this, one so confident, so hot for it. He couldn’t wait for classes to start. Fucking Gary Wysocki had nothing on him now. He’d never be able to top this.

He thought her hand felt good, but when she pushed herself down onto him he almost shoved her off him because pleasure was almost too intense to stand.

“What—oh, god…” He was going to lose it, already.

The girl breathed in his ear, “Am I your desire?”

“Yeah. Yes. Oh man, you feel so good. I don’t think I…I can’t hold it.”

“I am sorry Steve, but it has been so long.”

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