The Professional 2: The Client List

The club scene has changed, and not for the better. Used to be, brothers came to a club like this to have fun; you know, to groove, dance, get their drink on, pick up babes if they had the skills to work it out. But these new dudes are lined up against the walls, posing, trying to look hard like they’re looking for trouble. As if most of these Jheri curl juice-slinging punks would know what to do if trouble found them. And in the meantime, while they’re posing for each other, all these lovely ladies are sitting alone at their tables, waiting for…for what?

I can’t help them. The ladies, I mean. Well, not all of them.

I see my client waiting at the bar. Her name is Darla. She’s looking hotter than anything in this place in her strapless wet-look little black dress. She looks bored too, but that’s about to change.

You know.

Before I go to my client and get to work I take a stroll to the DJ booth. The DJ’s name is Crystal. She’s a friend. I slip her a C-note and whisper a request in her ear. She gives me the bill back and takes a rain check for a different deal.

You know.

By the time I’m halfway to my client Marvin Gaye is crooning Sexual Healing.

Yeah, you know.

This is going to be a hot summer.


Professional 2 Cover-500

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  1. I cant wait!!!!!

  2. OMG he’s so smooth. LOL….I want more.

  3. Professor you I gots to read dis right hea !!😗😙

  4. I am sooooo ready! I just read The Professional and fell head-over-heels in love with Lucas (as I’m sure EVERY woman who’s read this book will do). I’m loving you too, Mr. Black. BRING IT ON!!!!

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