Nightwalkers: The Space Between

In the space between Nightwalkers, Books One and Two Abigail is being a busy girl…


Miami Beach, Florida The Avalon Hotel October 1958

Avalon Hotel in South Beach, Miami with 1950's Thunderbird Parked Outside“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Percy said. “I’m here on business, you see. I’m from Philadelphia. I have a wife back home. Gertrude. I love her dearly, I do. But you’re just so beautiful.”

“Thank you Percy.”

She was standing at the dresser mirror wearing just her slip, freshening her lipstick. Their eyes met in the reflection and Percy dropped his, even though he figured she wouldn’t much mind his staring at her. A girl who’d come to a fellow’s hotel room minutes after meeting him probably wasn’t too shy.

“I’m not that kind of guy, I’m really not. I don’t do this kind of thing, never have. You’re just so…so…”

“It’s all right,” she said. “I understand.”

Not trusting his shaky legs Percy backed away and plopped down on his hotel room bed. He ran his fingers nervously through his hair. “I’ve never even kissed a colored girl before,” he said.

She turned from the mirror to face him. “Is that so?”

“It is.”

“Have you ever desired to?”

“Well…I mean, there were some girls…well…our housekeeper’s daughter; her name is Francine. We call her Fanny. Fanny is just so pretty, I think. But of course I never…and well, she’s certainly not as pretty as you. You’re just so lovely, I must say.”

“Why thank you Percy. You are so very kind.”

“So um, what should we do now? I mean, um…should we kiss now? I mean, if you wish. I don’t…may I kiss you?”

“You’re perspiring, Percy.”

“I’m sorry. I just never…this is so…oh God…” He dropped his head into his hands.

“It’s all right Percy,” she said. “Come here and let me loosen your tie. It’ll help you relax.”

Percy got up from the bed and moved on watery legs to the beautiful girl. He stood like a little boy as she loosened and removed his tie and unfastened the top buttons of his shirt.

“So do you work here, in the hotel?” he asked.

“Why would you think that?”

“You were down in the lobby.”

“I was only passing by. I went in to ask the desk clerk for directions, and there you were, looking so handsome.” She raised a hand to his face and caressed his cheek.

Percy hadn’t been so close to a woman other than his wife since he’d been married, and never so close to a colored girl. He felt wrong, and wicked, and so excited. “Yeah, I saw you too. It was like when our eyes met; when you looked at me I just…I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“So tell me Percy, what makes you most nervous—that I’m a colored girl, or that you’re a married man?”

“What? Why…well, I would have to say the latter, of course. I really don’t mind that you’re a Negro. I’m not that kind of person. We’re all really the same you know? I mean it’s not your fault that…well…you know…”

She pushed his collar open and pressed her lips to his neck. Her lips were so soft, so warm. He felt his heartbeat throb beneath her mouth, and lower, felt another part of himself throb his want for her.

Against his throat she breathed, “Would this be the first time you’ve been unfaithful to Gertrude?”

The mention of his wife’s name tempered his desire, if only for the moment. “Yes, of course! I told you, I’m not that kind of fellow. I’m sorry; I don’t think you told me your name.”

She kissed the base of his neck, then trailed the tip of her tongue up to his jaw, leaving a trail of moist fire in its wake. Percy shuddered and groaned, and groaned again as her hands found his belt buckle and yanked it loose.

He didn’t care anymore about her name.


Nightwalkers Promo-Asbury Park-03She kissed his throat, and licked her tongue over the strong pulse in his jugular. She sensed the essence of life there, sparkling within his blood, agitated like mad fireflies by his desire for her.

Against his throat she whispered, “My name is Abigail. And you don’t have to worry, Percy. After tonight you won’t ever be unfaithful to Gertrude again.”










Nightwalkers 1 Cover-250



Nightwalkers 2 Cover-250




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