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Friendship comes at a price…

Platonic Cover-01a-500He led her into his sunken den—a spacious but cozy space with a fireplace and dark leather furniture. Ceiling high windows overlooked a flagstone terrace. The space had a definite masculine vibe to it. Terri figured that if a woman had ever lived here, she was long gone.

“Have a seat, please,” he said, indicating the leather sectional.

Terri sat and crossed her legs with a practiced, fluid motion that made her hem drift up her thigh to give him a better view of part of what he was paying for.

He sat down too, but at a respectful distance from her on the sectional.

Some guys were hands on right away. Those were the type who had the attitude that if they paid for it, they didn’t need to waste time on niceties. They were the assholes who only saw her as a pussy and a mouth and a body they’d paid to use.

She kept her eyes and her professional smile on this guy Brandon. That was part of the illusion too, to make the client think that he or she was so appealing that she couldn’t keep her eyes off them. That wasn’t a problem with this brother. It would have been harder for her to not look at him.

He leaned forward and placed his forearms on his knees. His sleeves were pushed up, exposing strong, hairy forearms. She liked hairy arms. Sexy. A simple leather-banded watch circled his wrist. The timepiece wasn’t flashy, but she bet it cost some serious money.

He clasped his hands together and looked at her.

Was he nervous? How cute. Maybe he was one of those guys who needed a little push to get things started.

Terri was about to go into her standard fake flirt when he cleared his throat and said, “So Jewel, how does this normally work?”

The money was already paid, direct to the agency, so they didn’t need to talk about that. But since he’d asked the question, Terri knew she needed to get one thing out of the way first.

Still smiling she said, “Brandon, are you a member of a law enforcement agency in any capacity?”

For a moment he looked surprised. Then he smiled. White teeth. Sexy lips, framed by a mustache and a shadow of chin hair that made him look kind of rugged. Damn boy, why do you need to pay? Please don’t be a cop.

He said, “No, I sell money for a living.”

“Wall Street?”

“Yes. But my father was a police detective. I hope that won’t count against me.”

“Not unless he’s hiding in the closet.”

“We’re all alone, Jewel.”

The way he was looking at her with his sexy eyes when he said that made Terri wonder again why the hell this man had to pay for it. She said, “Well then, to answer your question Brandon, your fee covers our night together. I’m yours until morning, for whatever you desire. The exclusions are anal penetration and any rough stuff.”

He smiled at that. “Aren’t they the same thing?”

Okay, he was trying to be clever. “It depends on the perspective of those involved. But we won’t be finding out tonight.”

“Duly noted. Oh, forgive my manners, Jewel. Can I get you anything—maybe a glass of wine?”

“If you’re having one, thank you.”

“I’ll be right back.”

As he walked out of the den Terri checked him out and assessed his vitals from the rear. Nice body; on the slender side but fit. She guessed he was in his mid-thirties, maybe forty. About five-ten. He was dressed casually but tastefully in a V-neck cashmere pullover over pressed jeans and Rockport loafers.

He dressed like he had money but didn’t need to show it off; like he didn’t need to use bling as a personal billboard; like he rode and died on who he was, not on what he could buy. A truly self-confident brother was sexy, too.

Terri thought that tonight might be kind of fun. When they got into it she could pretend that she wasn’t working, but that she was with somebody she wanted to be with and that they were doing it because they cared about each other and wanted each other.

She was good at illusions.


One-click Platonic here

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