Building the Nightwalkers Saga

The book has gone to press and will be on the streets in a couple of days, but…


Let’s take a little walk before we go inside…

Usually I construct the mental framework of a story from start to finish before typing the first word. And because Nightwalkers is a series, I’d put up the frames of several books in the neighborhood, and planned which characters would live in each, and how they would get to know each other once they moved into the community. There’s nothing like a plan, right? Until it’s not a plan.

Nightwalkers Book One was rolling right along. I’d run the plumbing and electrical, added insulation and sheetrock. The story I’d planned for years was taking shape. The characters were outside, unloading their moving van. Until I had to stop them at the curb.

When I took a good look at the characters in Book One I realized that they deserved bigger rooms, more space. To give them that space meant that they couldn’t all live under one roof.

Hey you and you; how about you take the house next door instead? You’ll like it a lot more when you get to move in. You’ll have room to stretch out and really be you.

So I gutted the first book. I let the characters who were moving in tell me what kind of floor plan they wanted. Then we knocked down some walls. Gave them more room. Reshaped the story.

So the construction was delayed, but I think it’s a better house for it. And it means that when all is said and done, the neighborhood will be larger. Visitors will have more places to go.


Nightwalkers 1 Cover-02-250

Okay we’re here, at the first house: Nightwalkers Book One: Night Child. I’m going to wait outside while you go in and take a look around. It’s still daylight so you’ll probably be okay in there.



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  1. I wrote a reply on I convinced my sister who is proud to announce her library consist of educational and medical journals. She read the book last night with me, a first, her reply was to question my sanity but she has called all day trying to find your other books(smile)
    A great and wonderful read.

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