SAMPLE SUNDAY: Excerpt from the Erotic Compilation BLACK SATIN

Warning: The below content is intended for adult readers only.


Black Satin Cover-250The alarm on Baron’s watch beeped.

7:58 p.m.

He shut down his work applications and logged out of his desktop. Before shutting down his personal laptop he read the email he’d received a half an hour ago one more time. It read:

I’ve been naked on my bed all afternoon, thinking about you. My nipples are so hard, and I’m so wet. I ache for you. I burn for you. I’ve been touching myself, but it’s not enough. I need you, Sweetest. Tonight at 10:30, if you’d like to join me.

He closed his email, shut down his laptop and slipped it into his backpack, and then stood up and stretched.

Time to roll.

Baron glanced to his right, to the cubicle next to his, and caught Charlene looking at him.

Actually she was looking at his crotch.

And he really hadn’t caught her, because she wasn’t even trying to be discreet.

“So what are your plans for tonight?” she cooed up at him. Her eyes never left his zipper.

“No plans. Just gonna chill, maybe watch some TV.”

“What are you gonna watch—Real Sex on HBO?” Now she looked up at him. “I’m off at ten. If you want I can come over later and we can have some real sex.”

Charlene was a fine sister. And she was pretty good in bed. They’d hooked up a few times last year when he’d first started working at STC Technologies—and before he found out that she was in a committed relationship.[1]

Baron slung his backpack over his shoulder and said, “Won’t your girlfriend get pissed if she finds out you like dick on the side?”

Charlene smiled up at him and said, “On the side is not where I want you, baby. And Denise is out of town. And I’m sooo horny.”

Baron was horny, too. And Charlene was pretty good. But he didn’t want to get caught up in her mess again. Her girl Denise was only about five-two, but her little ass didn’t like anybody in messing with her pussy.

Besides, he had an appointment at 10:30 tonight, so Charlene couldn’t come over.


Baron got home at a quarter till nine. He tossed some leftover lasagna into the microwave and went upstairs to change into his sweats.

As he went up, a memory of Charlene’s dark nakedness flashed through his brain. The last time she’d been here, she’d been naked on her hands and knees on these very steps. He’d been hitting it from behind while she groaned out how good it was to her, and how she needed some good dick every now and then. He’d just thought she hadn’t gotten laid in a while. He didn’t know then that she’d been on a pussy only diet for the better part of a decade.

He found out a week later at work when this fine-ass sister caught him in the parking lot and cussed him out for trying to steal her woman. That was Denise. He’d been so stunned that he didn’t know how to respond. What the hell do you do in a situation like that?

He wouldn’t mind getting some of Charlene’s fine dark chocolate beauty again, but there was just too much drama involved.

After he changed into his sweats he went to his bedroom window and looked out. His neighbor’s house was just across the way. The upstairs lights were out. There were a couple of rooms lit up on the first floor.

He checked his nightstand clock. It was only five past nine. He had plenty of time.


As Baron ate he thought about her. She was so fine—one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. The first time he’d laid eyes on her, when she was out in her driveway next door washing her car while wearing a wife beater tee-shirt and cutoffs, he was done.

He’d been mowing his lawn that morning, getting it out of the way before going to work at noon. He’d looked over and there she was—his new neighbor—carrying a bucket of water out to wash her Camry. She’d smiled over at him, a warm sexy smile that said she knew, and that she understood.

He’d taken twice as long as necessary to finish mowing. He’d been too busy watching the way her wet tee-shirt clung to and highlighted her nipples, the way her shorts clung to her round booty, and the way the water made her long legs glisten like burnished copper.

He’d thought about her all day at work. When he got home that night he found a handwritten note in his mailbox. It read:

You looked so sexy mowing your lawn this morning. I got so wet watching you while I washed my car. If you’ll leave me your email address I’d love to chat.

Baron washed dishes, thinking about how good his neighbor looked naked. She had a perfect body. He often saw her out in the morning, going on her daily run. She apparently didn’t work outside the home so had plenty of time to work on her fitness.

He imagined her lying on her bed playing with herself today. Pangs of anxiety pulsed in his stomach at the anticipation of seeing her naked again tonight.

She was so fucking beautiful.


At 10:15 Baron positioned a straight-backed chair in front of his bedroom window, turned the lights off, sat down and waited.

The lights went off downstairs in the house next door. A minute later the bedroom light came on upstairs. Baron leaned forward. His stomach was quivering again.

At 10:30 the window blinds flipped open in the bedroom across the way. He could see her, standing there in all her loveliness, dressed in a baby doll nightie. She was looking out. He knew she was looking right at his window.

As she gazed over she started moving her body in a sensuous dance, a slow grind. She must have had some music playing over there because there was a definite rhythm to her movements.

She did a slow striptease for him. First her baby doll came off, then her thong. Then she stood naked in her window, fondling her firm breasts and playing with her sex.

After about ten minutes of her nude show she grasped the window frame. Then he came to the window, also naked save for a ridiculous looking fluorescent green condom.

He stood behind her, and as she gazed through her blinds over at him, the dude fucked her from behind.

Her husband.

[1] Baron and Charlene also appear in the novel WITH BENEFITS by Christopher Bynum.

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