A Little Kia Episode




Kia stood on the stoop in front her townhome, considering the snowball in the palm of her mitten. The snowball was a little one, only maybe the size of a golf ball. She thought she could do it. She looked around, and decided on the tree in her next door neighbor Grayson’s yard.

She looked back at the snowball she’d made. It wasn’t even as heavy as a golf ball, so it should be a piece of cake. She wondered if her follower knew.

“Are you around?” she whispered.

It was quiet out this morning, and though she’d kept her voice low it seemed to carry all the way across the street to Ivy’s house and echo back to her. She thought it was because of the snow all over everything, like a giant white blanket. It made the world extra quiet, so that even a whisper seemed loud.

“If you’re around you’d better let me know.”

From her right came a soft crunch, like a single footstep in the snow. Kia looked that way and saw an indentation in the mound of snow next to Grayson’s walkway. She was pretty sure it hadn’t been there when she came outside.

“Think I can do it?” she whispered.


“Yeah well, I bet I can. It’s not that heavy.”



Kia lifted her hand palm up to eye level and straightened her fingers so they’d be out of the way. Straight ahead, beyond her fingertips, stood Grayson’s tree. She stole a glance around, and seeing no one who might see her, looked straight ahead again, at the tree. She concentrated, visualizing what she wanted to happen, and then whispered, “Go.”

The snowball shot out of her hand across the yard and exploded in a puff of white crystals against the trunk of the tree.


This was so cool. Even Mère couldn’t do this.

A voice behind her said, “I thought you were going to the store.”

Kia whirled around and saw her stepmother standing in the doorway of their house, frowning at her. She hadn’t even heard her open the door.

“I am. I was um…just psyching myself up ‘cause it’s so cold.”

“Well, get going. I need those carrots for the stew.”

“I’m on it.” Kia hurried down the walkway, wondering if Mère had seen what she’d done. She turned onto the sidewalk and stole a guilty glance at the door, where her stepmom stood watching her.


Well, if she’d been busted Mère would’ve said something, would’ve told her for like the zillionth time not to screw around with her gift. She must not have seen her, so cool. Score one for the home team.

As Kia passed Grayson’s tree a clump of snow as big as a football fell from one of its branches and thumped to earth, making her jump.

Heart stuttering, she looked back, and just before the door to their townhome closed, saw her stepmom smiling at her.



Read more about Kia and her stepmother Aurélle in Golden (Insatiable: Book Two) and Crush (Insatiable: Book Three).


Crush (Insatiable Book Three)

Golden (Insatiable: Book Two

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  1. Mr. Bynum, will you have a return of Elle and Simon? I absolutely loved their chemistry. Elle began my journey into the world of “The Black.” I’ve quite a bit of your work and have become a huge fan. Thank you for your literary skills. Worth the purchase every time.

  2. Lol. I loved this one.

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