Excerpt from the forthcoming novel THE PROFESSIONAL: Shoe Shopping

The shoe store was called Sensual You. The place was nice. Classy. It reminded Robyn of the Christian Louboutin store in Manhattan, but on a smaller scale. She even saw some red-soled Louboutins on display.

But she didn’t pay much attention to the ambience. She was too busy fighting off her urge to commit assault and battery as some tall blonde woman rushed to them and exclaimed, “Lucas sweetheart, it’s so good to see you again!” and then hugged him and kissed him on the corner of his mouth.

When the wench finally took her hands off him Lucas said, “Robyn, this is Alexandra. She owns this store. Alexandra, this is Robyn.”

“It’s very nice to meet you Robyn,” the woman smiled.

Robyn checked the woman out as she shook her hand: Tall and blonde; around forty years old. Pretty, if you liked the Nordic type. Brown eyes. Her light brown eyebrows and lashes meant that she might actually be a real blonde. Nice body too, in a tailored skirt and jacket.

Damn it.

She wondered if Lucas had ever slept with this woman. How else would he know her? Did she pay him to fuck her? And if they did do it, when was the last time?

“So Lucas, how may I help you today?” the woman gushed.

“I’m looking for shoes for Robyn,” he said.

Alexandra looked at her and asked, “Is this for a particular function? Do you already have your ensemble?”

Robyn looked at Lucas. She didn’t know why he’d brought her here; much less what kind of shoes he had in mind.

Lucas said, “Actually Alexandra, what I’m looking for is something to go with a black satin corset. As you can see Robyn has very sexy legs and feet so I’m going for a look without stockings. And she’ll either wear a black G-string or nothing, so what I want are shoes that’ll accessorize her, not clothing.”

Robyn was shocked; stunned. Lucas had just stood right there and told this woman that she was going to be wearing “fuck me” clothes.

The woman looked at her. She was already smiling, but now her smile changed. It changed into a knowing smile—a conspiratorial smirk. She said, “Ah…I see.”

Robyn thought that she ought to feel embarrassed as well as shocked. But that wasn’t how she felt at all. Instead of embarrassed, she felt…

She wasn’t sure exactly how she felt. Lucas had just basically told this woman who was a stranger to her that he was going to do her and wanted her to wear the proper shoes for the occasion.

Lucas helped her out of her coat. Then he took her hand and guided her to one of the long bench seats and said, “Sit down baby.”

If she were going to be hesitant at all about what was happening, his calling her baby cancelled it. She sat down obediently.

The woman named Alexandra looked down at her and asked, “What size are you, dear?”

“Six and a half.”

“Let’s see some mules,” Lucas said.

“Oh, we have some very nice slides, just in,” Alexandra said. “And I’m sure I can find some other goodies that will suit your…occasion perfectly.”


When Alexandra went to the back to look for the goodies Lucas took off his coat and laid it over the bench next to hers. He didn’t sit, but he looked down at her and asked, “Are you doing okay?”


Why would he ask her that? She wasn’t nervous. Should she be nervous? Just wondering if she ought to be nervous put her a little on edge.

dolce-and-gabbana-peep-toe-slidesAlexandra returned with four shoe boxes. As she sat the boxes on the bench she said, “We’ll begin with these. She opened the first box and held it out to show them a pair of black patent leather slides with a black bow on the toes.

Lucas said, “Let’s take a look.” He took the shoe box from Alexandra and kneeled in front of Robyn, then placed the box on the floor at his side. He gazed into her eyes.

Robyn felt her heart quicken.

Lucas slipped her wedges off. And then while looking into her eyes, he placed his hand under the back of her right ankle and lifted her foot onto his knee.

Suddenly the air felt too thick and Robyn found it difficult to draw a breath. Her stomach quivered. It wasn’t just Lucas’s actions, but the look in his eyes that told her that something very different was about to happen.

She was nervous.

And excited.


I lifted Robyn’s sexy leg and placed her little foot on my knee. She seemed apprehensive. Cute. Keeping my eyes in hers I lifted her leg by the ankle and kissed the tips of her toes.

She flinched and let out a little gasp. Her eyes flittered first up at Alexandra, and then around the store, looking guiltily at the other customers. I thought that if just this embarrassed her, in a minute she was going to be in serious trouble.

When I started kissing along the inside edge of her foot Robyn flinched reflexively and tried to pull away. But I was ready for that. The back of her ankle still rested in my palm, so I closed my grip and held her leg immobile. I saw the color rise in her cheeks as my lips reached her heel.

There were a handful of customers in the store. They might have been looking, but my eyes were on Robyn’s so I didn’t know. I definitely didn’t care. The only one in my existence for the moment was Robyn.

I kissed my way back to her toes, this time trailing my lips over the top of her foot. Then I removed the shoe from the box.

Robyn’s leg and foot felt tense as I slipped the shoe on so I said, “You need to relax.”

She swallowed hard and didn’t say anything.

I lifted her other foot and repeated my kisses, then slipped the second shoe on. I placed her feet on the floor and stood up, and offered my hand to help her up.

When she was standing she leaned to me and whispered, “What are you doing?”

“Shoe shopping.”

She cut her eyes around the store. “People are looking at us!”

“No, they’re looking at you because you’re so fucking beautiful and they’re jealous. Not because of me, but because they want to be you. They want to be cherished like you. Now go see how you like the shoes. There’s a mirror over there.”


Robyn felt like every eye in the store was on her as she walked to the mirror. She felt nude, even though she was fully dressed. Lucas had made her feel exposed; naked.

She almost felt like she did yesterday morning when Mrs. Murchison caught them in the elevator, like she’d been caught doing something very naughty…

…naughty but very good.

She stood in front of the floor-level mirror, turning by force of habit so that she could view the shoes at different reflected angles, but without really seeing anything. Her mind was on the dreaded walk back to the bench, and of having to meet the eyes of the strangers that she just knew were looking at her.

She turned from the mirror and yep, people were looking at her. Robyn dropped her eyes to the carpet and kept them there until she made it back to the bench.


“This is a Marabou slipper,” Alexandra said. “It’s basic, but a classic that never goes out of style. It really goes so perfectly with lingerie. A lady should have several pair in various colors as part of her wardrobe.”

Robyn barely heard her. She was focused on Lucas, who was kneeling in front of her again. He’d been kissing her toes again, but now he kissed his way up her leg to the inside of her knee. And he was caressing her leg, too. His hand had slid up past her knee to the inside of her thigh, and he was pushing her pencil skirt up with it.

Alexandra was standing right over them. Robyn looked up at her. The store owner was smiling down at her.

Oh God…

As Lucas’ tongue tickled the inside of her knee and his fingers teased the inside of her thigh under her skirt Alexandra said, “Robyn, I think you’re going to very much enjoy your Sensual You experience.”

She thought she should say something back to the store owner. Maybe thank you.

But she couldn’t breathe.


Professional Cover-250


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  1. Lol, Lucas sounds like a trip! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. I need to go shoe shopping 😉

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