A Few (after)Words About “Passion’s Fury”

Passions Fury Cover-250This thing—the Passion series—started as an online short story, one of those “what if this happened?” things. The what if was what if a woman woke up after a night out partying to find herself in a strange bed in a strange house (a mansion), with no memory of how she got there? She finds a note on the pillow that says simply: You were amazing.

That’s how this thing began, and how I thought it was going to end, by answering that single what if question, and then moving on to the next thing. But like John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” New ideas are what happen, too, and so the characters from that first story, Passion’s Nectar—Julian St. Christopher, Grace Trouillot, Victoria West and Glenda Engerman—had come alive, and they weren’t done living. More characters were to come, and they played their parts and helped me flesh out this series and add the novellas Passion’s Kiss, Passion’s Journey, Passion’s Fire, and now this last episode in the Passion series, Passion’s Fury.

And then there was the Dream Girl project. Once upon a time I had an idea for a sequel to Dream Girl. I was going to title it The Daughters of Lilith. The tale would have Frank Einstein—the founder of Headbox Industries—coming up a new invention: an injected nanochip that boosted feminine pheromones and made them irresistible to men. My idea was that there would be a plague of deadly succubus type women who were almost unstoppable. Men couldn’t go up against them because they’d be too busy wanting to…well, you know. So Agent Avery Silva—he of the unnamed government agency—would assemble a hit squad of badass women: Nikira Horikoshi and Simone Gray (from the upcoming Hitman Chronicles series) and a woman named Javari, who you’ll meet soon in The Professional. Well, a few chapters in, the story started to feel like Charlie’s Angels. That’s already been done (and maybe twice too often). So I scraped the bulk of that idea, but I still wanted to do more with Frank Einstein and the nanochip thing. The solution was to merge that idea with Passion’s Fury and wrap up two storylines.

Now, when I say “wrap up,” don’t take this as the absolute end. The Passion series is done, yes, but no one died. Well, almost no one died. You will see Julian St. Christopher and the characters from the series again, I promise. And Gretchen Smith and Ana are still out there in the world somewhere. As soon as I find out what they’re up to you’ll be the first to know.

Now, before I go, I have to give special thanks to author extraordinaire Nia Forrester (author of Afterwards), who got to listen to and put up with me griping and moaning during the making of this novella. We hold ourselves to high standards, and sometimes, when we feel that we just can’t reach that high, it helps to have someone who’s been through it to boost us up. Nia, if I left footprints on your delicate shoulders I’ll pay for the dry cleaning. Thank you.

The Black
October 2013
Somewhere in Virginia



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