Passions Fury Cover-250Billionaire Julian St. Christopher’s aphrodisiac Passion formula has changed lives, enhancing desires and for some, linking them to that special someone via the Soul Mate effect.

But now Frank Einstein—the man behind the Dream Girl project—has upped the stakes on libido boosting. His new drug has created an irresistible woman, a woman who is leaving a trail of dead men in her wake, and the only one who can stop her is Julian St. Christopher.

When these two competing entrepreneur’s worlds collide, one of them is willing to do whatever it takes to win—even kill. But will Julian St. Christopher have the focus to fight a professional battle while his personal life is unraveling?

In the final episode of the Passion series the lines between romance, erotica and fantasy are blurred as the hour of reckoning arrives—an hour in which some will have to pay for their sins, maybe with their lives.



Ayn said, “When you called from the States you did say that ‘we’ were coming. Did you mean your woman? Is she your wife, or something else to you?”

“Something else. Someone very important to me.”

Ayn traced her fingertip along the top of her exposed thigh and said, “And yet you’re on St. Martin alone, and she’s in New Jersey.”

Julian didn’t bother to correct her and say that Vicki was actually in California. His gut told him that that would just be more ammunition for this sexy creature to try to use against his resolve. “It doesn’t matter. I appreciate your enthusiasm Ayn, but we’re not going to do anything this evening but eat.”

“Well, may I have a drink while we wait for dinner?”

“Sure. What would you like?”

“Something cool and clear with ice, please.”

Julian went to the wet bar, aware that Ayn was eyeing him and smiling salaciously as he moved across the room. As he poured Citadel and tonic water over ice he wondered if she made moves on many of her customers, and if she did, why. The homes for sale on St. Martin were expensive, so potential buyers had to be of some means. Maybe Ayn was trying to hook one of her clients so that she could stop working for a living. Or maybe she just got off on playing around.

When Julian turned from the bar Ayn wasn’t on the sofa. Now she was standing on the far side of the room, in front of the sliding glass doors that opened onto the balcony and provided a view of the impossibly blue ocean. She stood with her feet apart, and the low hanging sun shone through the gossamer thin material of her makeshift skirt. It didn’t take much imagination for Julian to know what she would look like naked, because the outline of her figure was right in front of him.

He joined her at the doors and handed her the glass. As she accepted it she said, “You’re not having anything?”

Smiling, Julian shook his head, once. “Something tells me that around you, I’d best keep my wits about me.”



Passion Promo-All 5 Books

To celebrate the release of Passion’s Fury, the fifth and final episode in the Passion series, from now until Monday, November 4th the first four books in the series are available for $1.99 or less, so you can have all five novellas for less than $10.00! Don’t miss the Passion Party!









PASSION’S FURY (New Release)




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  1. Congratulations on your new release, Christopher! I’ll share on Twitter and Google today. Facebook tomorrow after Trick or Treating 🙂

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