Author Suzy Ayers Heats Things Up

A little while back I said I was going to use my blog to feature other authors, because I see us as all a part of the same team. For me it’s a pleasure to help get the word out about people who love to do what we do. So it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you guys to author Suzy Ayers. She’s a multi-genre author who does everything from Erotica to Fantasy to Paranormal, all seasoned with romance.

Check out this chapter excerpt from her new release, Master-Bation: At Sir’s Command. It’s for grown folks, so fasten your seatbelts. Then visit go her links.




Suzy Ayers


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Excerpt from the “First time anal…dreaming” Chapter:

Max turned the vibe level down, he wanted to test her tonight. He slid it inside her pussy. “So wet my little pet.” He lightly smacked her pussy.

“Ahh! Yes sir,” she managed to strangle out. I’m gonna come already.

“Don’t come little slut.” Max got up, he smelled his hand and his dick thumped against his belly. He moved around to her, to the front of her and gripped a fistful of her soft brown hair. Lifting her head and her eyes mixed with tears and excitement, pupils dilated, he’d push her to the edge tonight.

A smile crossed her mouth and she licked her lips. His urgency and desire so eminent and she knew she’d be able to please him with her mouth if only for a moment. He teased her as he stayed just out of reach of her tongue; she strained and moaned in want. Her eyes roamed his desperately, questioning. Finally, he came slightly closer and she was able to taste the salty pre-come from his dick. It bounced up and came back and hit her lips. She wished she had use of her hands to pull him, force him into her mouth. She was able to get the head of his penis in before he pulled back and kissed her. It was like he dug inside her with his tongue and she began to feel a blinding white light surround her. Her head forced back, her legs and hands bound together behind her; it was a bizarre sensation, as he poured his breath into her lungs.

His hand slid to her breasts to help ease her gently back to the floor. You’re gonna break her damn neck, easy Max. He was all riled up, just the sight of her desperately wanting to suck his cock made the blood that was not pounding like a jackhammer in his dick, race through his veins like the Indy 500. He released her and attempted to gain his breath, his composure. Her chest was also heaving hard, her skin glowed in multiple colors from the nightlights outside making her look like a garden fairy, well one ready to get the shit fucked out of her. He roughly ran his hand over her shoulder, to the center of her back to that gorgeously luscious ass. He smacked it hard for good measure and slid his index and middle finger down. The vibe was still working its magic.

“Still holding on my pet?”

“Yes…” she gulped, “sir.” Her voice was trembling and he was going to help her, he knew she was in that space already. He loved how little he had to do to her to get her there, sometimes though, he wished for more. It would take time and patience.

He moved to her ass and began by circling that rosebud with his tongue, getting closer and closer to the center. He forced his tongue in hard and watched her nails dig into her palms. He bit her anus gently; watched as her rectum tightened and released.

“Oh my god!” Serena hadn’t expected that, no one had ever done that to her. She was unsure if she could not only hold her orgasm from exploding within her or even just hold the vibe. Her pussy flooded with juices, as her level of arousal went even higher then she had ever thought was imaginable.

He spit on her anus with a loud noise. He rubbed it around and pushed his fingertip in, slowly and both of them made noises simultaneously as he delved deeper. Her sweet and musky scent was making it harder for him to keep control, but he didn’t want to hurt her, and he promised her anal sex. And he promised himself. “So tight beautiful,” he commented.

Guttural noises emanated from her throat, as he was fully inside her with his index finger. The muscles contracted all along his finger, he couldn’t wait until that was his dick. Next, he pressed two fingers inside, adding even more spit and repeating the process. Stretching her, preparing her; this time he moved in and out. Slow and steady, working up a rhythm until the visual was too much for him. Fuck this. I need to stretch her the rest of the way myself. She told me herself she’s had anal sex.

Suzy Ayers

 Amazon Page | Smashword Page

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords

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  1. Thanks so much! I appreciate this and have a wicked Wednesday my friend. 😉

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