With Benefits Promo-Mike-01You women are crazy. That’s right, crazy. But we love you, you know? And when we love you, you make us crazy, too.

Now, my girl Britt is my wife’s best friend. Britt is crazy, but she’s cool. She’s good people and she’s like my little sister, you know? So I hope for the best for her. I hope one day she finds true love and happiness—the kind of happiness me and my Cheryl have. So I definitely hope she knows what she’s doing with this brother named Kyle. I mean, friends with benefits, man? Seriously?

We’re going down to Jersey to visit Britt this weekend; hang out, grill out on her deck, just chill like family, you know? I’m going to get to meet this brother named Kyle. I’m going to have a little talk with him. ‘Cause Britt is like my little sister, you know?

~Mike Braithwaite~


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