New Release: BLACK SATIN by The Black




Did you think the trend in no holds barred erotica couldn’t get any hotter? It just did. Have a feel of Black Satin:

The Stories:

1. OPP

2. Spice

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

4. Cookies

5. Fire Drill

6. You Make My Dreams Come True

7. Home Invasion

8. Spice II: Ransom

9. The Game

10. Still in Love with You


1. “She’s an attention whore. Don’t give her what she wants and she’ll keep trying to get it. Tell her what YOU want, Baron, and leave it at that.”

That’s the advice Baron’s coworker Charlene gives him to help him deal with his sexy exhibitionist neighbor—a woman who is all tease and no touch. The other problem is that his neighbor is married, and that makes her OPP. Does Baron want her to make her his?

2. Candace struts into The Cheesecake Factory wearing a dress so short that if she inhales too deeply she’ll be naked. Wearing the almost nothing dress makes her nervous, but that’s the price she willing to pay, because tonight she wants to get picked up. Tonight she wants to have a little SPICE in her life.

3. After breakfast, Tiffany and Newkirk’s 16-year-old daughter heads out for school. They’re supposed to be going to work. But Tiffany has other plans. As far as she’s concerned, breakfast isn’t over. And now that they’re alone, what’s left on the menu for BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S is going to be almost too hot to eat. Almost.

4. The little girl showed up at his door selling COOKIES. What sealed the deal for him was one look at her mother. His cookies are scheduled for delivery in three weeks. Will he get to enjoy a sweet treat before then?

5. Maybe Ione’s headaches are related to her aggravation with her wimpy, mama’s boy husband Patrick. Maybe the head-busting fire alarm going off at work will further aggravate her migraine. Or maybe a FIRE DRILL will be just what the doctor ordered.

6. What happens when after four years of marriage, a couple finally gets up the nerve to reveal their most secret sexual fantasies to each others? Will the shared desire be too much information, or will they be able to say YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE?

7. Sharone is a thrill seeker. Her boyfriend Marcus teases her that she suffers from emotional Restless Leg Syndrome because she can’t stand being bored, even for a moment. But when a masked intruder forces his way into her home, Sharone might learn that a HOME INVASION is too much excitement, even for her.

8. The note reads: “If you want to see your wife again, follow these instructions to the letter. Do not contact the police. If you do, you will pay dearly. Go to your bedroom to find additional instructions. Do not contact the police, Mr. Owens!”

When Vince finds the additional instructions in a manila envelope along with his wife’s red lace panties, the action begins. In SPICE II: RANSOM, Vince goes on a heart-pounding race against the clock to find his wife, and perhaps the culprit responsible for her disappearance.

9. For Erica, pain equals pleasure. Erica’s husband Ben loves her and wants to please her, but he’s worried that as his wife’s need to feel hurt increases, he won’t have the stomach to give her what she desires. Ben’s fear is that one day Erica will want to take THE GAME too far.

10. STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU is a familiar story: Newlyweds get it on in every way and as often as possible. But then comes work and kids, and fall into a lack of sex rut. When Robert finds his wife’s secret sex toy, he gets a wake up call. They’re in a rut, and something has to be done about it before they drift farther apart.


Best known for multi-genre fiction seasoned with a dash of erotica, in BLACK SATIN The Black takes off the gloves and snaps on the handcuffs as he explores the most risqué elements of sexuality in relationships. It’s a sizzling compilation you won’t be able to put down, and one you definitely shouldn’t read alone.

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