A Word on “With Benefits” (The Afterword)

This would be a good place for me to explain some things.

Constant readers (thanks to all!) are familiar with the novels, novellas and short stories written and published by The Black. They know that he writes adult fiction. Okay, erotica. Over the past couple of years The Black has been cranking out products by the pound, and he’s going to be coming out with a lot more in the years to come in the way that he always does: fiction in every genre, seasoned with a dash of erotica. In the near and distant future look for titles by The Black like Passion’s Fury (the fifth and final episode in the Passion series), Book Three in the Insatiable series (more paranormal erotica), The Professional (yes, Lucas is ready to tell his story), and a surprise coming soon. The Black has been and will continue to be busy, but Christopher Bynum is ready to flex his literary muscles, too.

two shadows

So here I am. I’m going to be bringing you traditional fiction in almost every genre until they stop making books. This one—With Benefits—is the first. Coming later this year is Nightwalkers, a tale of terror that will make you forget everything you thought you knew about vampires. And then professional assassins Duncan Gray and Nikira Horokoshi will come knocking at your door in The Hitman Chronicles.

So, just because you see author Christopher Bynum’s name on this book cover, don’t think that The Black is done. He’s not even on hiatus. He just needs to step aside for a minute so I can do my thing.

Also, just because I work under separate author names doesn’t mean that all my stories and characters are disconnected. If the characters Baron and Vette from this book ring a bell, then you’ve probably read What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by The Black. You might recall in that novel that Vette and a character called Buzz were involved in a little on-the-job altercation. And there’s Olivia Bettencourt, who was at Lucas’ house when Kyle visited. Olivia made her first appearance as a teenager in the closing chapters of A Southern Belle: Forbidden by The Black. And of course there’s Lucas, the star of the forthcoming novel The Professional.

Finally, a word on Monmouth City: If while reading this novel you pulled up your map application or GPS and tried to figure out where the heck Monmouth City is on the New Jersey Shore, you came up with nothing. Don’t worry; your system hasn’t failed you. Monmouth City doesn’t exist. But if it did, you’d find it on the beach just south of Long Branch and just north of Asbury Park. I played God and put it there because down the road I’m going to need a city of a few hundred thousand people as a backdrop for a lot of exciting things that are going to happen in the world of Christopher Bynum and The Black.

Consider yourself officially warned.


Glen Allen, Virginia
21 June 2013

With Benefits is available now for the Kindle and Nook.


With Benefits Cover Master-CB-250

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