Excerpt from WITH BENEFITS


With Benefits Cover Master-CB-250

Matt’s news about Allison coming was a shot of high-octane caffeine to Britt’s system, and after their call she knew that there was no point in trying to get back to sleep. She slid out of bed and paced her bedroom and tried to organize her thoughts and feelings.

She trusted Matt. Everything she’d learned about him over the past six months told her that he was a good guy. And the one thing that made her believe that he had no intentions toward his ex was that he hadn’t had to tell her that Allison was coming today. But he had.

Still, a little part of her felt at a disadvantage, and felt jealous. She was supposed to be in a relationship with Matt, and yet here she was about to spend Saturday alone with nothing planned to do while he was hanging out with his ex-wife.

After talking to Cheryl last night she’d decided that she wasn’t going to call that guy Kyle. Because she was attracted to him she’d decided that even a phone call would be a betrayal of her relationship with Matt. It would be one thing if she didn’t want to talk to him and just wanted him out of her hair, but that wasn’t the case. She was interested…curious. Anyway, like Cheryl said, if Kyle wanted to track her down he could. So she’d decided that she wasn’t going to call him and that if he did find her number and call her, then she’d tell him in a nice way that she was in a relationship.

But that was last night. This morning things were different. This morning her relationship with Matt didn’t feel balanced. His ex-wife was coming to visit him and spend the day in his house, so why should she feel guilty about talking to a nice guy that she’d met professionally on the phone? Why should she feel bad about a simple phone call when Matt would be face-to-face and alone with his ex? Nope, that wasn’t balanced at all.

And anyway, what if Matt telling her that he was sick was a ruse? What if he’d known before today that Allison was in DC, and they’d planned for her to visit? What if they’d been in contact all along and Matt knew she was coming, and his claiming that he and Davy were ill was just a cover story?

Stop it! You’re over thinking things.

She thought about calling Cheryl again to get her take on the new circumstances. But she knew Cheryl, and already knew what she would say. Cheryl would tell her that she was stupid for believing Matt’s story. She’d say that she was being played.

Last night Cheryl told her to call Kyle Michaels, the fine IT brother with the panty-melting voice. Well, maybe she would. She’d make some coffee, have a little breakfast and think about it. And then, maybe she would.


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