Excerpt from “The Actor” from “In the Midnight Hour: Tales of Erotic Horror & Suspense

SAMPLE SUNDAY: Excerpt from “The Actor,” one of the tales of erotic horror and suspense in the compilation “In the Midnight Hour.”
Midnight Hour eBook Cover-Nook


The only reason John had met her back in college was because she was so beautiful. He’d been i…n the library and saw her sitting at a table alone, reading or studying. Because she was sitting down, he couldn’t tell that her body was amazing. But he just knew that it was. A girl with a face like that just had to have a body to match. So he’d gone straight to her table and pulled out the chair directly across from her. She’d looked up at him as he sat down. He’d said, “I won’t bother you. I just want to sit here and look at you and daydream that one day you’ll be my wife.”
And one day two years later, she was.
She hadn’t cared that his car was old. She understood why he’d bought it. She’d thought his practicality was admirable, because she was practical, too. She understood. She got him. And because she got him, his admiration for her beauty turned into love for the woman.
In John’s dream she looked like she did back then, when he’d loved her with such fierce intensity that it had made his heart hurt just to think about her.
In his dream she looked really hot in a tight blouse and a tighter pencil skirt that showed off her round hips and booty. She wore seamed stockings and stilettos that strapped around her ankles. She looked so positively fuckable.
John still loved her. Lately he’d loved her desperately. And lately, the pain had come back to his heart when he thought about her. It was a different kind of pain, and the hurt was much worse.
In John’s dream his heart wasn’t hurting at the moment, but he did feel a twinge. He felt a twinge because she wasn’t at the pool table alone.
She was there with the actor.
The dude was her favorite actor, and he was very good at his craft. He could play a drug dealing thug or a Fortune 500 CEO with equally convincing skill. What made him even more impressive was that he was from Great Britain and had a strong British accent, but when he was in front of the camera he could play American better than Americans.
But his acting ability wasn’t why she was crazy about him. To cut to the chase, every time she watched him in anything, her pussy turned into Niagara Falls.
John didn’t have a problem with her obsession. Hell, he had a thing for Sophie Okenedo and she knew about that, too. But it had always been just their harmless celebrity crushes. They weren’t supposed to meet them for real.
But in his dream there she was, leaning over the pool table with the actor behind her. He was reaching around her and grasping her hands as she held the cue to show her how to line up her shot.
John saw how her plump bottom was pushed into the actor’s crotch. He saw how leaning over, her cleavage threatened to overflow and spill out of her blouse onto the green felt. And he saw how she looked around at the actor, with her eyes shining her adoration and her smile a bit broader than she wanted it to be, but wasn’t able to fully control. John knew that her shiny eyes and out of control smile meant  that tonight she was going to serve her pussy up on a silver platter for the actor and let him consume it however he desired.

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  1. This is really good. wanted to keep reading, and I know its available, but I don’t have any money

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