Speaking as a Man: About Love

000-babe in knit dress

About Love: The Poem (For the spoken word)

What is it about you

That makes me think about you all the time

That I can’t get you out of my mind

That my dreams feel cheap

Unless you occupy my sleep

What is about you

That whenever we embrace

I feel sad, knowing that it can’t last forever

Because I need other things

Like food, sleep, clothing and shelter

What is it about you

That when we’re together

Time moves much too fast

And when you’re gone

Every second is an unbearable eternity

As I drift aimlessly

Without purpose

With no destination in mind

And no place I want to be


With you

What is it about you?

What is it about love?

© May 2008

From Speaking as a Man: Poetry & Prose

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  1. Here you go again, showing off how talented you are! Nice!

  2. I Like that Professor!

  3. as if You were waiting for me…:)

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