When you water her, her passion grows…


Golden Promo-08


“It’s beautiful; perfect,” Aurélle cooed. She was soaping his half erect and gradually growing penis with her hand.
Bathing each other with their bare hands was her idea. She thought it would be a lot more fun than using a cloth or sponge. She was right about that. And Gordon was all for any excuse under the sun to put his hands on her body.  “You’re beautiful, and perfect,” he said.
“You filled me up so sweetly.”
“You’re the sweet one, babe.”
She cocked her brow at him and gave him a mock frown. “You have a hard time accepting compliments, don’t you?”
“Nope. But I’m a realist. If all the people in the world were looking at you and me side-by-side and had to vote on which one of us was the hot one, I wouldn’t get a single vote. Hell, I wouldn’t even vote for myself.”
“Well, you’re my hot one.” She gave his fresh erection a soapy squeeze. “So what do you call it?”
“You mean like a name for it?”
“Uh-huh.” “Nothing. My ego isn’t that big.”
“Well, it sure is.”

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