A Conversation Among Male Characters About Women

A Conversation Among Male Characters About Women


The Characters:

SIMON BISHOP: Featured In: Elle (Insatiable: Book One);  Golden (Insatiable: Book Two)

GORDON MONROE (Simon’s Cousin): Featured In: Golden (Insatiable: Book Two)

ARTHUR GREEN (Simon and Gordon’s Uncle Artie): Featured In: A Southern Belle: Forbidden

GRAYSON PAGE (Gordon’s Neighbor): Featured In: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

WESLEY: Featured In: The Neighbor

The Setting: The basement billiard room in Simon Bishop’s Monmouth Beach, New Jersey home.



“So here’s a question for you dudes,” Wesley said. “What’s your favorite outfit on your woman? What do you like to see her in?”

“Boy, what kinda freaky talk you tryin’ to get started up in here?” Uncle Artie snapped.

“Nah man, I’m just wondering. I had this conversation with Gail last night and she said that she didn’t think men cared enough about what women wore to really notice. She said that other women notice what a woman is wearing, but all men want to do is figure out how to get them out of their clothes.”

Gordon said, “Gail is right, in general. But yeah, I think we like certain things, too.”

“You’re talking specific things on our woman only?” Grayson asked.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean,” Wes said.

Grayson grinned, “Oh, hell yeah,” and leaned over the table to line up his shot. “Two in the corner pocket.”

Simon laughed, “Sounds like Grayson has something specific in mind on Ivy.”

“You know we all do,” Gordon said. “So what’s your thing on Elle, Cuz?”

“Are you talking about in or out of the house?” Simon asked. “Some things aren’t meant for public consumption.”

Gordon shrugged. “Okay, either. Both.”

“You fools don’t know jack shit about what a woman looks good in,” Uncle Artie grumbled. He glared at Gordon. “You gonna take your shot or stroke your stick all day?”

Gordon leaned over the table. “Every time I see Elle she’s looking like she getting ready to go model for some magazine photo shoot. I don’t know how you can pick just one thing, Cuz. Ten, cross-corner.”

“That’s why I asked if Wes meant in or out of the house,” Simon said. “But you know me G; my favorite ensemble on any woman is naked. If she’s wearing an ankle bracelet she’s overdressed.”

Wesley raised his beer bottle. “Hell, we’ll all drink to that one, Simon. But I can do naked with some heels, too.”

“Ya’ll a bunch a freaks, that what ya’ll are,” Uncle Artie said. “Ain’t no woman prancing around bare-assed just ‘cause you like it. Ain’t a woman God ever made happy about the way she looks with no clothes on, and you can write that shit down. I’ma put that three-ball in the side pocket…gotdamnit! Ya’ll got me thinking about naked hammers so I can’t see straight to shoot!”

“Nah man,” Gordon laughed, “You just can’t shoot pool for shit.”

As Simon leaned over the table he said, “Yeah, Elle does her thing, for sure. But it’s not all her. Sometimes I take her shopping because I feel like it; get her stuff because I want to see her in it. Some of the stores we go to and stuff we get aren’t for public consumption, either. Fourteen, straight up.”

“What kind of stuff?” Wes asked.

“Can’t go there and tell her business,” Simon said. “But one thing she can rock well is basic. She looked good as hell this morning wearing just my shirt. I think it was the light in the kitchen that did it. When the sun hit her just right and made the shirt kind of translucent, that was a sight worthy of photographing to hang on the wall. Sexy without trying to be sexy, you know?”

Gordon nodded. “Yeah Cuz, sometimes the simple things are the hottest. All that lingerie shit? Not always necessary. When we’re just kicking it around the crib when Kia is home Aurelle will wear my boxers and a wife beater. Something about that always gets to me.”

“I’ll tell you what it is,” Uncle Artie said. “It’s the dog in you.”


Uncle Artie said, “Simon likes Elle wearing his shirt. You like Aurelle in your drawers. Hey, does she know you used to piss in your drawers? Remember that, Simon? Boy couldn’t see a damned raindrop without letting the waterworks go.”

“Fuck you old man,” Gordon spat. “I was like three years old.”

“I’ma have to talk to Aurelle and warn her about your pissy drawers,” Uncle Artie laughed. “Anyway, what I was saying is that you cats like seeing your woman in your clothes ‘cause you’re like dogs; you want to mark your territory. Your woman wearing your stuff is her wearing your mark. Lets you know she’s yours and makes your dick feel bigger.”

“There’s probably some truth to that,” Grayson said. “We don’t think about it consciously, but there’s probably some primal thing going on, like we killed the animal and she’s wearing its fur.”

Gordon said, “I don’t know; maybe. But Aurelle said that when she wears my stuff it makes her feel closer to me.”

“And when she says that your dick gets big, huh?” Uncle Artie grinned.

“Fuck you again, man.”

“Well you dudes can speak for yourselves,” Wesley said. “I like the lace and frills. I didn’t think I did until I met Gail. That woman single-handedly raised the price of stock for Fredericks of Hollywood.”

Grayson said, “I think the hottest thing I’ve ever seen Ivy in was back before we got involved. She came over to chill wearing these gym shorts that must have been passed down from her slave ancestors. They were raggedy and full of holes but she made them look hot.”

“You know she wore them to fuck with you, don’t you?” Simon smiled. “A woman isn’t going to dress down for a new man without a motive. Either she’s not interested and is trying to keep you at bay, or she knows what she’s wearing will flip your switch.”

“She had me flipping switches like Thomas Edison,” Grayson laughed. “I keep meaning to ask her what happened to those shorts because I haven’t seen her wear them since.”

“They served their purpose,” Simon said. “She hooked your ass so she doesn’t need them anymore.”

Wesley said, “The thing that did it for me like that was Gail wearing nothing but a towel when she came out of the bath. The first time I saw that I damned near had a stroke. I think right then was when I started getting into full-figured women.”

Simon said, “So the bottom line is that it doesn’t take much for us, huh? Women can put in a lot of effort to look good, and we appreciate it for sure, but when it gets right down to it, clothes aren’t that important.”

“See, ya’ll’s some young, ignorant fools,” Uncle Artie said. “Women don’t dress sexy and smart like they used to. Ain’t nothing in the world looks better than a woman wearing seamed stockings and one a them tight skirts that hug their hips and hind parts…what’cha call them skirts, Simon?”

“A pencil skirt?”

“Yeah, that’s it, a pencil skirt. And a tight sweater that hugs them tiddays? Lord have mercy Jesus! See, ya’ll don’t know nothin’ about women who know how to look good and still be classy.”

“No, I feel you Unk,” Gordon said. “I’d rather see a woman like that than some chick flashing her thong and a tramp stamp. Classy is definitely sexier.”

Simon said, “That’s what I was talking about about in or out of the crib. You want your woman to represent when she’s out in the world.”

“You mean represent you?” Wesley asked.

“No, represent herself as a lady. Look good, look sexy, but don’t show the hungry assholes out there sniffing around after her what’s on the menu. That is, not unless you’re playing like that.”

“Playing?” Grayson asked.

Simon said, “Sometimes we just want to fuck with people when we go out, so Elle will wear something smoking just to draw that attention.”

“So you don’t care if other dudes look?” Wesley asked.

“They’re going to look anyway. I’m not paranoid like that. As long as they don’t step to her or disrespect her, no problem. But when she’s dressing like that we have to expect some comments to come. That’s the entire point: take her out, show her off, leave hard dicks in her wake.”

Grayson said, “I think Ivy does that sometimes on purpose, but to women.”

“Okay man, you seriously need to explain that one,” Gordon said.

“No, I mean she’s one of those women that I think sees other women as competition. I think it’s because she was married to a pro football player and women were always after him. So she had to keep her game on point back then, and now she still does. So I think sometimes she’ll wear something extra hot as much to piss women off as to appeal to men.”

“And other women will notice and hate,” Gordon said.

“…that’s what she was wearing when she came to see me…” Uncle Artie mumbled.

The men looked around at him. Uncle Artie stood leaning on his cue stick with a faraway look in his eyes.

“What’d you say, Unk?” Gordon asked.

“She came to see me last fall,” Uncle Artie said. “Shocked the shit out of me because I hadn’t seen her in forty years. But I knew her right away, because she still looked good and, well, I never forgot her.”

“Who are you talking about?” Simon asked.

Uncle Artie said, “The woman who bewitched my young, dumb ass back in the day: Olivia Bettencourt. Girl made me want to cheat on my fuckin’ wedding day.”

Gordon shook his head. “Damn, Unk…”

“Why’d she come to see you?” Simon asked.

“I was in my office at the dealership, and I heard Keisha out in the hall say, ‘That’s his office,’ and I looked up and there she was in the doorway. I almost couldn’t believe it; thought I was dreamin’…but there she was…”

“What’d she want?”

“Just to say hello and take me to lunch. So that’s what we did. After all these years I didn’t think she’d remembered my dumb ass, but she did. She remembered…things…some things that I’d forgotten about.”

“What things?” Gordon asked.

Uncle Artie shook his head. “It’s like Simon said; some things about a woman’s business you don’t talk about to nobody. She has to be sixty by now, but Lord have mercy Jesus she still looked good…”

Simon said, “Let me guess: She was wearing a pencil skirt and seamed stockings.”

Uncle Artie nodded.

“See, that’s when a woman really has it going on,” Simon said. “We forget thong panties and a tramp stamp showing as soon as it’s out of sight. But a woman that you’re still thinking about decades later, for whatever reason? She’s got it going on.”

Wes said, “Okay, so that brings up another question. What is it about a woman that appeals to you? Like, I’m feeling thick women. So what’s your type, or what feature is the one you want to be on point for a woman?”

Uncle Artie snapped back to the present and said, “Boy, who the hell are you with all these questions, Walter Cronkite?”

From the stairs came the lilt of feminine voices and the sound of descending footsteps.

In a low voice Simon said, “We’ll pick this up later.” As Aurelle appeared, followed by Elle, and then Ivy and Gail he spoke louder. “So who do you think was more valuable at their position, Mariano Rivera or Michael Jordan?”

Elle laughed and said, “Don’t even try it.”

“What were you guys really talking about down here?” Ivy teased.

“Women, probably,” Gail said.

Aurelle said, “That’s fine, as long as it was about us.”

“Don’t worry about that sugar,” Uncle Artie said. “These fools might be fools most of the time, but they got enough sense to appreciate their blessings.”

Elle said, “Well, the pizzas are here. Are you coming up, or do you want to eat down here so you can talk about us some more?”

© 13 March 2013
The Black

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  1. Your characters are a hoot! Can’t wait to read more of them, but I’m still trying to birth a book. 😦

  2. I feel like I was standing in the room with them having this conversation…I like what Uncle Artie said at the end. “These fools might be fools most of the time, but they got enough sense to appreciate their blessings.”

  3. Jennifer Thomas

    Loved this conversation. I felt like I was right there.

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