Is sleeping with your best friend having the best of both worlds, or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

Kyle and Britt are best friends. They have a lot in common. They have professional careers. They like watching classic black and white TV shows and movies, listening to music from back in the day, and submarine sandwiches on the sofa. And when they’re not seeing other people, they like sleeping with each other.

But there’s a danger in being friends with benefits: Somebody usually catches feelings. Then the problem becomes whether to keep your feelings to yourself and suffer silent longing, or express your emotions and risk losing what you have.

And that’s just the beginning.

The Black’s internet-favorite short story is now expanded to become a page-turning novella.


With Benefits Cover - web




“So since you’re done with Marie, who’re you checking out?”

“What makes you think I’m checking somebody out?”

“Because I know you, Kyle. You don’t do more than one woman at a time, but you usually hang on to the one you’re tired of until you know you’ve got someone new waiting in the wings.”

“Nah, this was about Marie wanting to use me for her personal ATM. I had to step away before it got ugly. Nobody’s waiting on me.”

“Well you know, considering that you’re a tech guy and a gentleman, Marie probably thought you were okay with that.”

“Giving her money?”


“How so?”

“You know, you don’t come off as a street dude, so she probably figured she could play you a little bit.”

“Oh, so I come off as the nerd who’s so happy to be close to a female that I’ll give up my bank cards to her just because she let me touch her breast…through two sweaters and an old lady bra?”

“Not that bad!” Britt laughed, “But you are a nice guy. Women pick up on that.”

“‘A nice guy.’ Uh-huh. So I’m that dude that women pushing forty want to marry after they’ve got five kids by five baby’s daddies and used up bodies from fucking jobless thugs since they were in high school. Is that the nice guy you’re talking about?”

Britt touched her finger to her chin and frowned, feigning deep thought. “Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t check my calendar. Is this your day to be a stereotyping, judgmental asshole?”

“You’re the one who said I was a nice guy and that Marie thought she could play me.”

“All I’m saying dickhead, is that some women – some women – see a guy with a well-paying career who’s educated and soft-spoken and opens doors and pulls out chairs for her as the kind of gentleman who might also give up the bucks if she’s in a pinch.”

“So a sucker.”

“A generous man.”

“A sugar daddy.”

“A compassionate man.”

“Fuck that; I don’t pay a woman’s bills unless I call her ‘wife.’”

“You wouldn’t help out a lady friend in need?”

“Not if she thinks it’s a payback for sex. That’s what tricks do for hookers.”

“Which obviously you’re not, since now Marie is on the outside looking in. But like I said before, she’s probably missing what you put on her in bed, the way you broke her body down to her molecules.”

“How do you know?”

Britt tapped herself on her chest. “Um, duh? I’m still looking under your bed for my missing molecules.”

“Every woman is different, Britt.”

“Yeah, but you’re like Liam Neeson in Taken. You have a very particular set of skills…and a nice tool, too.”


“So there’s no one else you have your eye on?”

“Nope. And gold diggers need not apply.”

“Okay, so if I needed some money you wouldn’t help me?”

“Seriously? What do you make a year, like triple my salary?”

“That’s not the point. What if I was experiencing some kind of financial hardship and needed help. Would you loan me money if I asked?”

“Come on Britt, this is us. If I could help you out I’d just give it to you. It wouldn’t need to be a loan.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re my girl.”

“So you wouldn’t think I was feeling entitled to your loot because I’ve let you stick your thing in me?”

Kyle shook his head. “Nope.”

“Why not?”

“I told you: you’re my girl.”




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  1. hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm. Hate when I can’t think of the names but they remind me of Terri and her guy….. This is gonna be good.

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