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Everyone has secret desires. Everyone has a weakness, a price at which they can be bought.Twenty-eight year-old IT specialist Trenton Frost can’t speak or act on his secret desires, not even with Meredith Alexander, the woman he loves.For sheltered and shy Meri Alexander, the very idea of revealing her desires or getting Trent to act on his is so embarrassing that she almost can’t think about them.

That’s not the case for Trent’s boss, forty-two year-old Audrey Mendes. She knows who she is. She knows what she desires. She’s not afraid to act on her desires.

When Audrey learns about the problems in Trent and Meri’s relationship she decides to find out for herself if Trent has a price, if he can be bought, and if accepting the price will allow him to unleash the passion he keeps hidden inside.

In “Condition of Employment,” The Black brings you a new episode in the Cougars, Inc. series, one that will make you question your own values. How far are you willing to go for the sake of your relationship? Can you be bought, and at what price?

KINDLE VERSION                         NOOK VERSION
And Just in Time for Halloween:
Beautiful vampires, voracious werewolves, lusty ghosts, and plain old cold-blooded killers – they’re all here in “In The Midnight Hour: Tales of Erotic Horror and Suspense:”“The Actor” is the story of one man’s struggle to decide who he wants to be…if he’s willing to pay the price.In “Three-Day Weekend,” two lovers share a connection that might span not only decades, but lifetimes. But what tragic event is the catalyst for their connection?

She’s beautiful, and he wants her desperately. But when she whispers the words, “I, Desire,” he learns that her hunger for him might not be what he expects.

In “I Miss You,” Oscar yearns to find again the one true love of his life. But due to his terrible headaches, he can’t even remember her name, much less how to contact her. All he remembers is that he met her before he married a woman he can’t stand. How far is Oscar willing to go to escape his miserable life and be with the one he loves again?

After being in his family for generations, old Abraham’s shoe store is going out of business. He hasn’t sold a pair of shoes in a month. But when he hires a young man to help him close his store, he discovers that when it comes to salesmanship, the young “Shoe Clerk” has the magic touch.

Driving on a desolate south Jersey highway in the middle of the night, Curtis is dog-tired. After nodding off and almost running off the road he sees a grisly sight that makes in wonder: Are there wolves in New Jersey? Is there something worse lurking out there in the darkness? Maybe the “Troopers” pulling him over know the answer.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to reunite, to catch up, and to relive pleasant memories. In “Over the River,” Jarvis hadn’t been to his grandmother’s home for his family’s holiday dinner in six years. There’s a memory there that he doesn’t want to relive, a memory that still haunts him.

Carlos’ cousin T.J. is in “Trouble.” Less than two weeks after moving into his new home, T.J. is having an affair with his next door neighbor, a married woman. She says that her husband doesn’t pay attention to her. Maybe her husband has a reason.

KINDLE VERSION                         NOOK VERSION

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