Excerpt from Dream Girl

Bradley Beach, New Jersey
Tuesday Afternoon


The telephone rang.

Ana wasn’t supposed to answer the telephone. But it was okay to listen to voicemails. She waited until the message light came on and played the message.

It was Roland. He wasn’t going to come home.

Ana was so disappointed. She wanted to make sweet love. She wanted that very much.

Ana played the message again. She listened. She turned off Roland’s voice in her head and listened to the other voice.

The other voice wasn’t talking. It was making sounds. But Ana knew who it was. She could hear things very well, better than real people. It was Benita, Roland’s wife.

Ana recognized Benita’s voice and she recognized the sounds she was making: Fellatio-blowjob-cock sucking-going down-head.

Ana replayed the message repeatedly, for a long time. She knew what was going to happen. Roland was going to ejaculate. Benita was going to make Roland ejaculate.

She was feeling that out of control feeling again. But it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t like the good out of control feelings she got from her pussy, which she liked. This was a different feeling.

It didn’t feel good.

She wanted the feeling to stop, but it wouldn’t.

Please stop. I don’t like this feeling.

But it wouldn’t stop.

Ana heard another sound, coming from outside. She knew that sound. The mailman, delivering mail. Placing mail in the mailbox outside the domicile door.

Ana padded through the bungalow to the door. She opened it wide. She reached out to the mailbox to get the mail.

The mailman was walking down the sidewalk. He turned around. He saw her. She didn’t care.

He stopped walking. He looked at her.

She smiled at him and said, “Good afternoon. How are you?”

“G-good, thanks,” he said.

The mailman didn’t keep walking. He didn’t go deliver more mail. He stood on the sidewalk looking at her and smiling.

He was enjoying looking at her hot naked body.

She didn’t care.

Ana closed the door so the mailman could do his job and earn a living.

She sat on the living room sofa.

She felt funny, but not in a humorous way. She did not like this funny feeling, because it really wasn’t funny. Not at all. Not one little bit.

Her eyes didn’t feel as normal. And there was something on her face. She touched her hand to her cheek, and then looked at her fingertips. They were wet.

Solution leak.






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  1. OMG, I thought, this was the beginning of a new novel……. Tell me you’re gonna continue that story, please.

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