New Release: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted



Being in love with someone doesn’t give them the right to make you unhappy.

But they do it anyway.

It shouldn’t have mattered to Grayson Page when his ex-wife Renee called to tell him that she was getting married again. They’d been apart for five years and divorced for the last three. But it did matter. It mattered because Renee’s news was the final insult added to the injury of her ending their marriage and their life together. It mattered because a part of him still cared.

Ivy Jackson walked away from her marriage to NFL wide receiver Montell Jackson because in six years of marriage, he’d never been faithful to her. Montell had four children by four different women, none of them hers. One child was conceived while they were married. So Ivy walked away from her life as a well-to-do trophy wife, choosing instead to live with dignity and free from more heartache.

A chance encounter introduces Grayson to his new neighbor Ivy. They become friends. Grayson doesn’t think there’s any chance of their becoming anything more. Ivy is a beautiful woman accustomed to being with men with enough money to buy her anything her heart desires. Grayson doesn’t believe he can compete with that.

But as their friendship grows, Grayson and Ivy wonder if they can be more for each other. In spite of their past hurts, they dare to hope. They choose not to dwell on the past but to look forward, toward a possible future together.

But it’s not as easy as they’d hoped. Just as they try to move forward together, the loves of their past try to pull them back.

What do you do when the life you’ve left behind won’t leave you alone?

Grayson and Ivy want to break free of their pasts. They want to move forward. But when even the people closest to them betray them, they discover that the only ones the brokenhearted can depend on are each other.



After her bathroom trip Ivy went to a concession stand and bought a ridiculously expensive bottle of water. Then she went looking for Grayson.

She spotted him near the boardwalk rail, standing with his back to her. It looked like he was talking to a couple. She headed his way, and as she got closer, she recognized the woman from the photo Grayson showed her. It was his ex-wife, Renee. And she was holding that guy’s hand, so he must be her new fiancé.

Ivy slowed her stride. Okay, wow…

She felt bad for Grayson. This had to be an awkward and hurtful moment for him. She wondered if his ex understood that, or if maybe Renee was feeling some satisfaction at Grayson seeing her with her new man. Some women were like that. Some women liked pouring salt into wounds.

As she neared the group Ivy considered the situation. Grayson was a nice guy. He was a good father, for sure. In spite of what he’d said about looking forward, she had a sense that he still had residual feelings for his ex-wife. So running into her with her new guy must suck for him.

Ivy thought that Grayson shouldn’t have to walk away from this encounter feeling hurt or low. She decided that she would do something about that.


“Is she waving at you?” Renee asked William.

William said, “Uh-uh, I don’t know her.” He answered Renee quickly, the way a man will when he’s trying to deflect potential trouble.

Grayson looked around, and saw Ivy approaching.



Ivy was throwing an extra sway into her stride as she walked and sipped from a bottle of water. Heads all around – male and female – were turning to watch the show. Watching her hips play their music, Grayson felt like he was going to have a heart attack now for sure.

When Ivy reached them she took his hand, smiled up at him, and in a voice that oozed like warm honey, said, “I’m ready to go in the water whenever you are, Grayson.” Then she looked at Renee and William and said sweetly, “Hello.”

Now it was Grayson’s turn to make the introductions. As he did, he almost laughed at William trying to keep his tongue from rolling all the way down to the boardwalk wood.

And as for Renee…how did that commercial go?

Introducing your ex-wife to a babe hotter than the sun: Priceless.

Available HERE for the Nook.

Click HERE for the Kindle version.

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