Nightwalkers: How I Spent My Summer Vacation (A Vampire Linares Story)

Nightwalkers: The Vampire Linares
How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Long Branch, New Jersey
Summer 1962
Sunday Night

“Are you sure it’s all right for us to be down here?” the girl asked. “It’s so dark.”

“Yeah, sure, “Steve said. He was holding her soft hand as he guided her along the sand under the lip of the boardwalk. “They only close the beach because the lifeguards aren’t on duty at night. It’s not like it’s illegal or anything.” He stopped and looked at her. “Are you scared?”

The girl looked up into his eyes and said, “I’m with you, Steve. I’m not afraid.”

The way she spoke with her little accent made Steve want to kiss her. He wanted to do more than kiss her because she was so pretty. That’s why he’d approached her this afternoon as she’d stood alone against the boardwalk railing, gazing out at the ocean. Ordinarily he wouldn’t have had the nerve to approach a girl so sexy, but she’d looked his way and smiled at him, and then he hadn’t been able to help himself. His legs had carried him to her side as if they’d had the courage that the rest of him lacked.

She’d looked beautiful this afternoon, but Steve thought she looked more beautiful tonight. The moonlight illuminated her pretty face, which surrounded by her ebony hair almost seemed to float in the darkness.

“I won’t let anything happen to you,” he said. “I promise.”

“Thank you Steve.”

She smiled at him as she thanked him. The way she smiled at him made him want to throw her to the sand and rip her shorts off. He’d never wanted a girl so much, except for Marilyn Monroe. But he’d only seen Marilyn on the movie screen. This girl was real life. She was real, and he’d convinced her to come down onto the beach with him. It was almost midnight. They were all alone on the sand. He had high hopes.

The girl looked away from him toward the ocean that was as dark as the night sky and said, “I love the sound of the sea at night; it whispers in the dark like two lovers. The rumble of the waves is the man’s voice in her ear. The surf against the sand is the woman’s sigh.”

“That sounds like poetry,” Steve said.

“Making love is poetry, Steve. Our bodies write the sweet verses.”

Steve felt his desire for the girl harden. He’d never heard a girl talk like this. How did she know about making love? Had she done it before? The guys in his frat said that foreign girls were fast and loose. Was it really true and not just more malarkey about women made up by his schoolmates? If it were true, then maybe he’d be bragging about this summer vacation until Christmas.



“Have you ever swum at night?”

“Huh? Oh, no. I mean, there are no lifeguards…”

“I would like to go for a swim. Would you join me?”


“Yes, Steve.”

“But we don’t have bathing suits.”

“I don’t want to bathe, Steve. I want to swim.”

She took her clothes off.



“Oh my god, you’re so…oh my god…”

The naked girl backed away from him, into the darker than night shadows under the boardwalk. Now the light of the moon barely reached her, and Steve could only see slivers of her pale skin. He felt a twinge of apprehension, an instinctual warning that all wasn’t right. But she was so beautiful, and she was naked.

From the dark shadows under the boardwalk her invitation came to him as a whisper carried on the salted breeze: “Come to me. Let us write our verses on the sand.”

Steve followed her into the darkness.

Nightwalkers Promo-Linares-01


Long Branch, New Jersey
J.J. Newberry’s Five and Dime
Summer 1962

The girl sat on a stool on the short leg of J.J. Newberry’s L-shaped lunch counter, facing the glass door entry of the five and dime. She wore pink Capri pants and a white blouse with red polka dots, white mules, and a white scarf knotted around the base of her slender neck. Dark sunglasses perched on the crown of her head.

She was fair-skinned, and her creamy complexion looked all the more so because of its contrast to her coal black hair, which fell past her shoulders almost to her trim waist. Her ruby-painted lips provided another contrast, one that drew the attention of the three men who’d come to Newberry’s for burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches on their lunch breaks.

The girl also drew the attention of shopping housewives, some with whining children in tow. The women either glared at her with their lips curled in barely concealed contempt, or looked at each other and shook their heads as if to say, Where did that harlot come from, and how can we keep her away from our men?

A couple of teenage girls who were probably playing hookie from high school fiddled with costume jewelry for sale and stared at the older girl with wide-eyed awe and admiration.

The three men at the lunch counter tried to be less obvious about stealing glances at the girl’s red lips as she puckered them around the straw of her milkshake. But they noticed. In their individual thoughts they wondered how her pucker might feel as a kiss, or how her lips might feel wrapped around something more substantial than a soda straw.

One of them, a young man with brush-cut blonde hair and wearing a short-sleeved shirt and a tie decorated with a drip of fresh mustard, took particular interest in the lovely girl. He sat on a stool at the far end of the long leg of the lunch counter, near the entrance. It gave him a nice viewing angle as he watched the girl. When she sipped her shake and then flicked her pink tongue over her red lips he shook his head and muttered, “Jumpin’ Jesus in a rowboat!” to himself around a mouthful of his burger.

The young man’s name was Alex Crenshaw. He was on lunch break from his job uptown at Nash Aluminum. He thought the girl at the other end of the lunch counter looked hot to trot. He thought that if he could get in a word with the little honey and things went his way, he wouldn’t bother going back to work today. The real good time would come later, when he went home with lipstick on his shirt and smelling like cooze. Watching his wife cry over his cheating was such fun.

The bells over the store entry tinkled, and a colored man entered the five and dime. Alex only took notice of the man – who was as dark a Negro as he’d ever seen – as he passed and moved down the lunch counter aisle because he was wearing a suit. He figured he must be a teacher, or a fucking preacher. He turned his attention back to more interesting things: The sweet treat sitting at the other end of the counter.

The colored man walked down to the end of the lunch counter. He stepped to the pretty girl’s side. That drew Alex’s attention back to him.

The girl smiled up at the dark man and said something to him. He said something to her, and her smile faded. The colored guy didn’t look too friendly. Alex got up off his stool.


Linares sensed Abdiel’s presence minutes before he entered the store. She always knew when he was near because they shared a bond. The essence of immortality that permeated every cell in her body was his essence, because he was her creator.

As she waited she could barely contain her joy. She hadn’t seen Abdiel in nearly four centuries, not since they’d visited the New Netherland colony together. This place – New Jersey – had once been a part of the colony. They’d come to see the place at which the angel Sophia had foretold that the Chosen One – the true daughter of Havah – the Eve – would become known and would fulfill her destiny as one of the Trinity. Sophia and Abdiel were the other members of the Trinity. One day the Trinity would lead mankind in the second and final battle against evil – against Lilith and her spawn, the shadows of death.

Linares watched Abdiel enter the store and approach. Her heartbeat quickened; the essence of life carried in borrowed blood raced throughout her body. If anyone had been paying close enough attention, they might have observed that she looked a couple of years younger than moments before.

When the one who made her immortal reached her side she smiled at him and said, “Have you ever had a strawberry milkshake? They’re absolutely divine. I had no idea –”

In a low voice Abdiel said, “I will have words with you about the body that washed ashore in Deal Township yesterday. But there are other matters to attend first.”

Linares looked at the man approaching them from the other end of the lunch counter. She said, “The demon.”


“I’ll take care of it.”

“This time try to use discretion.”

“I threw him out to sea as far as I could.”

“That is not the issue. We’ll talk later, Linares.”

The young man reached them and said to her, “Excuse me Miss, are you okay here?” He shot Abdiel a suspicious glare.

Abdiel said, “My apologies. I thought the young lady was someone I knew. I was mistaken.”

“Yeah well, no harm, no foul, right chief?” the man said. “Now you have a good day, okay?”

“You as well,” Abdiel said, and to Linares, “Good day, Miss.” He headed for the exit.

The man watched Abdiel’s back until he exited onto the street, then looked at her, smiling. “My name is Alex,” he said. “I rescue damsels in distress.”


“Do you think I’m in distress?” the girl asked.

She looked even prettier up close. Alex wondered how good she’d look out of her clothes. The way she was looking at him, he thought he had a good chance of finding out. “Not as long as you’re with me,” he said.

“And how long will that be?”

“How about the rest of the afternoon? I know a nice little spot up in the Highlands.”

The girl took her straw out of her now empty glass. With her eyes on his she ran her tongue along the lower third of the straw, gathering up the pink sweetness. She swallowed and breathed, “Mmm, so good.”

“So can we get out of here?” Alex asked, now anxious.

“I’ll tell you what – buy me another shake and I’ll think about it.”


Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Alex leaned against the bathroom door jamb in the motel room, sipping a Ballentine and staring at the girl, who sat on the side of the bed, smiling at him.

He was going to fuck her good, but the best part would come tonight, when he went home and told Peggy about it. His wife would cry her heartache, and then he’d beat her for crying. Then he’d fuck her too, while telling her that she was the worst lay he’d ever had, that every other woman he boned was better. That was the best, when he made her feel that she was nothing, that she had no value as a woman or a wife. Human misery was such a deliciously sweet treat.

Alex wiped the beer from his chin with the back of his hand and said to the girl, “Hey, I didn’t get your name. What’s your name, sweet treat?”

The girl got up and went to the door. She tested the knob, and reached for the chain latch. As she slid it into place she said, “My name is Linares.”

Linares. Alex decided that when he fucked this girl he’d make it hurt her. It’s what she deserved for having the same name as the Iberian bitch. Maybe he’d kill her.

The girl turned from the door, but she didn’t return to the bed. Instead she moved in front of the room’s single window. She was still smiling at him.

She said, “It’s your misfortune…Alex…that when you take possession of someone your senses are limited to those of your human host. When you take someone, you can’t see us. You can’t see your death.”


Linares watched the demon look around for a way out, but there was none. Recognizing its predicament, it stepped away from the bathroom door, into the room.

The demon’s eyes shone red at her. It dropped the beer bottle and hissed, “Let me pass, vampire, and I will let you live.”

“Your only passing will be into nonexistence,” Linares said. “For you, the end of time is now.”

“Then put aside your blade, Linares. Fight me as an equal.”

“You’re not my equal, demon. You’re filth. You’re the spawn of she who is the betrayer, she who lay with the Father of Lies. For the harm you have done, you deserve no consideration and no quarter.”

“You dare judge me? You, who drink the blood of those you claim to protect? You, the progeny of a twice-defeated angel? We won over Sophia at the tomb Havah. We crucified Yeshua. Abdiel lies to you, Linares. The angel will not return. The world and the souls of man belong to us. We have won. Now let me pass.”


“Was this necessary?” Abdiel asked. He looked around, at the blood-spattered walls, and at the pieces of the body strewn about the motel room.

“I was angry,” Linares said.

“The demon did not feel the man’s suffering. Ripping him apart served no purpose.”

“It made me feel better.”

“And the demon? Why did you not use your blade?”

“Because I fear no evil. The shadows of death will never turn me from my purpose, from our purpose.”

“You endanger our purpose with carelessness, Linares. To destroy a demon is one thing, but what about the man on the beach?”

“I…lost control. We were being intimate and I took the essence at the height of my bliss. It wasn’t my intent to kill him. But I threw his body far out to sea.”

“Not far enough. Fortunately a member of the county’s homicide division is a consort. The death is being reported as an organized crime assassination.”

“I’m sorry, Abdiel. I’ll be more careful.”

“See that you do. Use your essence to control man, to clean his memory of your act or to make him your consort. No death unless necessary. Man has progressed beyond primitive superstitions and now uses reason to understand the way of things. We must progress as well. So while you are here, replenish your essence without taking lives.”

“Why am I here, Abdiel? Has the daughter of Havah arrived as foretold?”

“She is here. She doesn’t know what she is or her true purpose. But she will need to know soon. When that time arrives I want you to serve as her advisor.”

“As you wish, Abdiel.”

“I have a car. We’ll go to my home. You’ll live with me until you find your own residence. Others will arrive shortly to clean up this mess.”

“Are there others in the area?”

“Just you, I, and the Chosen One. I’ve kept this area reserved for her. When she’s ready, she’ll begin to fulfill her destiny here.”

Linares slid into the back of Abdiel’s limousine. She lay back and closed her eyes. She wondered what it would be like to meet the Chosen One. She wondered if she would sense the blood of Havah – the Eve – pulsing in her veins.

Linares wondered if when all was said and done, she would worship the Chosen One as the new Havah, or if instead she would have to destroy her.

© August 2012
The Black

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