Golden Is Here


 Beautiful women are selfish. They can’t be trusted. They’re okay for dating and fine for sex, but not for a serious relationship.

That’s what Gordon Monroe believes after his wife Karen abandoned him and their three year-old daughter to pursue fame in California. Now as a single father, his daughter Kia has become the focus of his life, and he is as determined to be a good father to her as he is determined not to trust beautiful women.

But when Gordon meets Aurélle Carter – Kia’s fourth grade teacher –his feelings change. From his very first look he’s captivated by her beauty, and by the sense that they belong together.

But Aurélle is a woman with secrets. And when Karen returns and discovers that secret, she threatens not only to destroy Aurélle, but to take away the person who matters most in the world to Gordon – his daughter. It seems that no earthly power can stop Karen from ruining the lives of Gordon, Aurélle, and Kia.

But what about powers from beyond this world?

This is the book fans of The Black and the Insatiable series have been waiting for: The story of Gordon Monroe and his amazing daughter Kia, of the beautiful Aurélle Carter, the mysterious green-eyed African known only as Amarante, and the equally mysterious and beautiful erotic dancer known as Golden.

KINDLE VERSION                         NOOK VERSION


And don’t miss the first installment in The Insatiable Series: ELLE (INSATIABLE: BOOK ONE)

 To her employees and friends, Gabrielle Archer is the epitome of the self-made, strong black woman. With her aggressive style and razor tongue she’s made it in a man’s world with room to spare and bodies in her wake. She’ll put anyone who crosses her – especially any man – in his place, and then she’ll despise him for his weakness. No man dares challenge her…except one.

Simon Bishop knows what buttons to push – not to ignite Gabrielle’s wrath – but to strip away her emotional armor to reveal the woman within – the woman she yearns to be: Elle.

Elle has no power and no control. Elle is free to give herself over to a strong man, a man she trusts to take care of her so that she can give all to him. And what Elle has to give is a fiery passion that that knows no boundaries and no shame.
Elle is the woman that every real man desires, and the woman that every other woman, deep in her heart, wants to be.

Author’s Note:

When I posted an early draft of “Elle” online a few years ago, I was surprised at the number of responses I received from female readers who told me how much they identified with Elle’s character; how she spoke to their hearts and epitomized their own feelings about being strong women and the price to be paid for that strength. Based on those responses, I knew that one day Elle would become a published novel.
~ The Black~


Reader’s Comments:

I spent yesterday evening reading “Elle”. I was deeply, deeply, deeply moved. So much so, that I have read it again this morning. The way that you were able to capture and illustrate the desire to both succeed and the raw femininity in Gabrielle/Elle was amazing. I was immediately able to connect with her emotionally. Sadly in our world the “black woman”, such as myself, is not given the chance to be seen in this light. We are either baby momma’s, gold diggers, hood rats, lonely successful business women, or video hoes. I believe that most women would agree that we would love to feel the liberation that Elle comes into. Thank you so very much for this story. I will honestly take something away from reading it and apply it to my life. I have read a few of your stories through the years and this was such an insightful piece I had to comment. Your writing gift is exquisite and I hope that if you have not published that you will soon and that if you have you could give me that information.



I normally don’t send e-mails regarding stories on NA, but I had to show you some love. That story entitled Elle was incredible. I could relate to Elle on some levels. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.




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