A Proposal (From Speaking As A Man: Poetry & Prose)

I can sit here in the darkness


I can hide amongst my shadows



I can need you instead of want you

Because I do love you

But that would mean my life

Is controlled by the things you do

And for a man like myself

That’s an unsettling truth


So I’m going to step into the light

Turn my face up to the sun

Because even though I love you

You won’t be the only one


But because I do love you

Here’s my hand if you want on my ride

Because I really love you

And want you by my side


So if you want to ride with me

Laugh with me, cry with me

Live with me, love with me

Shiver, moan and sigh with me

Then here’s my hand


Or you can wait, and contemplate


Believe me, I’ll understand


From Speaking As A Man: Poetry & Prose

Available for the Kindle and in Amazon paperback

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  1. “…Because even though I love you, you won’ be the only one…” REALLY???!!!

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