Reading Material

Lately I’ve been burning my Nook Color up reading free book samples and downloading eBooks. Some of my recent favorites are:


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This is about as different a vampire tale as you will ever read, and it’s a good one. Who knew the 16th President was such a badass? I’m looking forward to the upcoming movie, and hope it’s as excellent as the book. I also hope there’s a sequel to the novel. Author Seth Grahame-Smith definitely left the door open for one.


Serial Uncut by Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn and J.A. Konrath. This is a cool short thriller. You know you’re not supposed to hitchhike, because you never know what kind of weirdo might pick you up. You’re also not supposed to pick up hitchhikers because THEY might be the weirdo. But what if the driver AND the hitchhiker are serial killers? One thing: If you decide to read this one, pick up Bad Girl (Lucy’s Prequel to Serial) by Blake Crouch first. It’ll give you some insight into one of the characters in Serial Uncut.

11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King. I always enjoy “What if you could go back in time and change history?” type stories, and this one is no exception. If you’re not familiar with this book, the title should provide a clue as to what event the main character will go back in time and try to change. This book provides some great food for thought. It makes you consider not just what past events you might change, but the possible impact of those changes. For example, what if you knew a senior citizen who because of a terrible childhood injury, had been physically and mentally disabled their entire life? What if you went back in time and prevented that injury? But what if as a result, that person was healthy enough to be drafted into the military, and as a young man, was killed in Vietnam? Yep, that’s how Stephen King does his thing.


On the erotica side, I recently read a couple of novellas by Australian author Nicole Swan. One is titled Worth Her Weight In Gold, and the other is Holiday Release. Both are about 8,000 words – quick but fun reads. Her covers are cute, too. They remind me of 1960s era print advertisements.

She Is No One (The Story of a Voluntary Slave): Interracial Heat #1. All I can say is that if you pick up this eBook by S.L. Bishop, fasten your seatbelt before you start reading. I think this is the kind of story you and your significant other should read to each other, taking turns with each chapter. It’ll either be very hot foreplay, or send you running to church on Sunday in atonement.



Speaking of erotica, there’s a lady who might very well be the queen of steamy erotica: Selena Kitt. She’s published a ton of work. Right now I’m reading her eBook Taken.

I’m also reading John Grisham’s latest, The Litigators. I’m a longtime Grisham fan, and for me this one isn’t as strong as his previous legal thrillers, but he makes up for it with a touch of humor.


No Secrets, No Lies (Sin City Heat 3) by my friend SK. I’m looking forward to reading this one next. I know it’s going to be as excellent as the first two books in her Sin City Heat series, because she’s that good. If you like plot-driven erotic romance, check out her work.

Forbidden: Interracial Heat #2 by S.L. Bishop. Okay, I just saw this one just out and had to get it. Call me twisted; I don’t care.


When the heck is Eric Jerome Dickey going to put out another novel featuring his professional assassin Gideon? If he doesn’t hurry up, I’m going to have to reread the first three books in the series.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions.

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