Whitney Houston: A Song Versus A Voice

I remember back in the day when Whitney Houston’s first single, “You Give Good Love” was released. I thought the song was okay, but as much as I love music, it didn’t wow me. Maybe it was because the song was about a woman’s sentiment for a man, so it didn’t reach me.

Then one night I was watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It just so happened that that new artist Whitney Houston was the performing guest.

Okay, I’d heard her song. Whatever…

…and then she hit the stage, singing “You Give Good Love” live.


I wasn’t just impressed, I was blown away. That girl could sing. She took a song that didn’t impress me and blew me away with her live voice. I became an instant fan…because of that voice.

Click HERE to view that peformance.

R.I.P. The Voice

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  1. She had an ageless beauty and that voice was priceless…Life is short. Leave a legacy.

  2. That she did, MsVis. A tragic loss.

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