Passion’s Kiss Available for the Kindle and Nook

The steamy sequel to Passion’s Nectar and The Playhouse is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Passion's Kiss

Wealthy entrepreneur Julian St. Christopher’s libido-boosting wine Passion’s Nectar has changed lives – most of them for the better. But for a few, Passion’s Nectar has had a side-effect. For those few, even after the effects of the wine have worn off, a shocking latent effect exists, waiting to be triggered.

It’s called The Soul Mate Effect.

What triggers the effect is as shocking as the effect itself: Another person.

Dr. Glenda Engerman – the creator of the passion formula – can’t determine whether the effect is biochemical, psychological or spiritual, and therefore can’t develop a cure. All she knows is that for some, it takes no more than being in the presence of a certain other person who has consumed Passion’s Nectar to trigger their uncontrollable desire for each other.

To make matters more challenging, Julian and Glenda have developed a new passion product – a candy called Passion’s Kiss, and Glenda says that the candy is so potent that it will make Passion’s Nectar seem like baby formula.

In this scorching sequel, The Black continues the stories of the characters his novellas Passion’s Nectar and The Playhouse. And when combined, things get so hot that the pages will sizzle.





Here’s a little excerpt kiss:



Monmouth County, New Jersey
The Estate of Julian St. Christopher
Monday Morning

 Glenda Engerman parked her Audi in the estate’s circular cobblestone drive, took off her sunglasses and checked herself in the rearview mirror. She decided to add another coat of mauve gloss to her full lips. A woman could never wear too much gloss.

After reloading her lips, Glenda retrieved a carry bag from the Audi’s rear seat and got out of the car. Standing on the cobblestone, she did another check of her reflection, this time in the reflection in the driver’s side window. Her lacy blue camisole (color selected to match her eyes) peeked above the opening of her white suit jacket. Her bosom strained at the blue lace, squeezing up a couple of inches of tanned cleavage. She smoothed down her skirt. No panties under the skirt. Over the past year she’d come to detest wearing panties.

In truth, Glenda didn’t like wearing clothes at all anymore. But she had to live and function in the world, so she figured she might as well look good doing it. Today she wanted to look extra nice because she was seeing Julian, and who knew what that might lead to?

Glenda couldn’t help smiling as she walked to the front door on four-inch heeled sandals (color selected to match her lip gloss). Maybe after business was taken care of with Julian, there would be some pleasure.



“Mr. St. Christopher is waiting for you in his study,” Grace said.

“Thank you, Grace,” Glenda smiled. “How are you today?”

“Quite well, Dr. Engerman. Thank you for inquiring.”

Glenda thought that there was something different about Grace today, though she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was. Julian’s chief housekeeper and head chef wore her typical conservative utility dress. And as always she wore no makeup, and her hair pulled back in a bun. But she was different somehow.

“Would you like a beverage, Dr. Engerman, or breakfast perhaps?”

“Oh no, I’m fine, thank you. Is Victoria on the premises today?” Glenda mentally crossed her fingers.

“Ms. West is in London this week.”

Glenda made herself not jump for joy. In addition to being Julian’s personal assistant and a powerful businesswoman in her own right, Victoria West was Julian’s frequent bedmate. Glenda got along well with Victoria professionally, but as women they were competitors. She knew that Victoria always did her best – though discretely – to keep her and Julian from being alone together for too long.

Well, not today. Victoria was on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. And Glenda knew that Grace would ensure that the housekeeping staff kept their distance while she was here – would give her and Julian their privacy. Grace understood things.

Grace was watching her, and the slightest hint of a smile played at the corners of her mouth as she said, “Mr. St. Christopher is ready for you if you’re ready to go back.”  

Yes, Grace understood. But she hardly ever smiled. There was definitely something different about Grace today.


Julian got up and went around his desk to greet Glenda as she entered his study, thinking, Damn, she looks good! He only had a moment to drink in her loveliness because she’d dropped her bag and was rushing into his arms. He hugged her tight, loving the feel of her curves pressed against him, and savoring the light fragrance of her perfume.

She kissed him, first on the cheek, and then as if with wills of their own their lips came together, and then their tongues. They moaned their mutual desire.

Julian gripped Glenda’s firm bottom through her skirt, and pulled her closer, crushing her to him. In response she lifted a long, strong leg and wrapped it around his waist. He didn’t feel panties beneath the material of her skirt. He was tempted, but left his hands on the outside of her skirt, deciding for the moment to forego answering the question.

For delicious moments they stood locked together, kissing and grinding each other through their clothes like teenagers stealing forbidden pleasure. It took all the will he had to break their kiss and let her go. When he did he asked, “Won’t your employer be upset to know that you’re doing this while you’re on the clock?”

“I don’t know,” Glenda gasped. She kissed him again, quickly, and then asked, “Is he upset?”

Julian smiled at her and said, “Actually, he’s thinking that if you keep this up you might get a raise.”

She slipped her hand between them and grasped the front of his slacks. “Actually, I was thinking more about enjoying my employee fringe benefits.”

Julian took one hand off her bottom and slipped his fingers through her blonde locks. “You’re letting your hair grow. It looks nice, Glenda.”

“You see, Julian? This is why I can’t resist you. You see me. You really see me.”

“I want to see more of you, and very soon. But let’s get business out of the way first.” He looked around her to the carry bag she’d dropped on the floor when she came in. “Is that it?”


There were three boxes, each about the size of a paperback book. One box was covered in black foil, one in silver, and the third in gold foil. Atop the lid of each box were two raised letters in red calligraphic script:



His new desire-boosting candy was called Passion’s Kiss.

End Excerpt

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