“Cougars, Inc.” Coming Soon for the Kindle and Nook

Cougars, Inc.

Cougars, Inc.

Where the cats come out to play.

Part I: On the Prowl

It seems so cliché – the woman alone when the young pool maintenance guy shows up at her house. But for forty-two year old Anita, the clichés can be damned. Her body is hungry, and Cortez – the guy who shows up to service her pool – is just the tasty morsel she needs to satisfy her appetite.

Cortez is fresh out of college and working for the pool service company until he can land the kind of job his education prepared him for. Career-wise, his life hasn’t turned out as he’d hoped. To make matters worse, he’s just broken up with his girlfriend. Cortez’ life is tough, and the last thing he expects as he goes on his first pool opening assignment alone is that a hungry cat is waiting and ready to pounce.


Part II: School Boy Crush

Niles Jackson spots her in the mall parking lot. She’s standing next to her car, which has a flat tire. He tells himself that he’s going to offer to help her not just because she’s attractive, but as an act of chivalry. But a few moments after meeting, Niles and the woman realize that they’ve met before – fifteen years ago. Her name is Teresa Maldonado, and she was his eighth grade math teacher. She was also the object of his adolescent sexual fantasies. Now Niles is a grown man, and his former teacher is still as lovely as he remembers. To thank him for changing her tire Teresa offers to buy him lunch. Their friendly lunch turns into a classroom session of Show and Tell hotter than anything Niles ever imagined.

The first in a series of tales of mature women who know what they want and how to get it.





Sicklerville, New Jersey
Saturday Morning

Anita stumbled off her treadmill, kicked out of her sneakers and tugged off her sweat-soaked tee shirt and sports bra. She staggered naked to the bathroom on trembling legs. The muscles in her thighs and calves were singing a song – the Lord Have Mercy Blues.

In her master bathroom she stepped slowly toward her bathroom scale, eyeing it as if she thought it might jump up and bite her. Before stepping on she considered drying herself off. Sweat had to weigh something, right? But then she decided to hell with it and stepped on.

Anita was as anxious as a gambler with his last dollar riding on the spinning roulette wheel as she waited for the digital readout to settle on a number. It settled. Anita read her weight and muttered a curse.

Frustrated, she padded back to the bedroom and stopped in front of the full-length mirror mounted on the back of the door. She gazed at her caramel thickness. Okay, weight isn’t everything. For forty-two I still look damned good.

Standing before her mirror, Anita cupped her hands under one of her best physical assets – her 38-Ds. The girls didn’t stand up the way they did when she was twenty, but hey, after three kids it could be a lot worse. She lifted their heft and squeezed them up, and smiled at the cleavage that still turned heads whenever she was in the mood to put the girls on display.  

Satisfied that the girls were still holding their own, Anita turned around and looked over her shoulder at the reflection of her backside. Now she smiled more. A nice ass…the great equalizer…the man magnet. Not a dimple or sign of cellulite anywhere back there. And since she’d been working out, she’d noticed a new tightness in her bottom and in her thighs. And her full calves had a new firmness, too. Her nice legs were coming back. They were thicker, but hey, the shape was still there.

The progress she’d made counter-balanced Anita’s frustration at how long it was taking her to reach her fitness goals. It seemed that when she’d started working out seriously six months ago after Shay, her last child still in the house left for college, the pounds just melted off her body. But over the last two months she’d been in a holding pattern at a size 16. She figured she must be at that wall people talked about, where it became extra hard to drop more pounds.

As she headed back to the bathroom to take her shower Anita considered that maybe this was the size she was supposed to be now, at her age. After all, she wasn’t twenty any more. She was forty-two. How many women her age, except for rich people and celebrities who could afford personal trainers, special chefs, and plastic surgeons when exercise and diet didn’t work, still had their twenty year old bodies? Not too many, she was certain.

So maybe for her age a size 16 was her physical best – not the size eight she’d been when she was twenty. But damn, she’d been so hot back then! If only she could have the body she’d had at twenty, but knew the things she’d learned about life in the two decades since. She’d be a beast, for sure.




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  1. YES!! I can’t wait.

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