The Playhouse: Check Your Inhibitions At The Door (New Release)

The Playhouse

When the passion is gone, you know your marriage is in trouble. That’s what happened to Michael and Tracie Stevens. Michael still wants Tracie, but he’s sick and tired of begging her for sex. Tracie needs to feel that Michael desires her as a woman and as his wife – not just as a piece of meat he can use for release. After ten years of marriage, they just can’t seem to connect anymore.

Their sex therapist, Dr. Siobhan Henry, has a suggestion that might help Michael and Tracie break out of their sexual rut: A visit to The Playhouse.

The Playhouse, where anything goes with anyone who’s willing and your most secret fantasies can be made reality.

Who you come TO The Playhouse with doesn’t have to be who you come IN The Playhouse with, so check your inhibitions at the door.

“The Playhouse” bridges the gap between The Black’s sizzling novel “Passion’s Nectar and it’s upcoming sequel, “Passion’s Kiss.”


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  1. Is this a book because I do not have a nook or kndle

    • Hi Sharice,

      The Playhouse isn’t a hard copy book. It may show up in a book compilation one day.

      You can get a Nook or Kindle app free to use on your cell phone or computer. I own one of those eBook readers, and use the free app for the other reader to read or buy stories on the other.

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