Finding My Stuff on Barnes & Noble

Ever since I decided to get serious about making the dozens (maybe hundreds) of novels, novellas and short stories I’ve written over the past decade available for public consumption, one thing has been bugging me: When searching for my books online on Barnes & Noble, you have to be very specific or you won’t find me. Typing my pen name The Black will get you everything but me, unless you’re willing to scroll through many pages and hundreds of entries. Typically you’ll have to type the exact book title and my pen name, i.e., “Dream Girl by The Black.”

Okay, that’s fine if you’re looking for a specific book. But if you’re like me, you like to pull up an author whose work you enjoy to see what else he or she has available, all in one shot. For most authors that’s as simple as typing in their name. Not so for me on B&N.

For my stuff, Amazon is a little better when searching for The Black (though not much), but at least Amazon does provide an author page that lists all of an author’s releases. By the way and in case you’ve missed it before, my Amazon author page link is over on the right on this blog, or here.

I can’t totally fault Amazon and Barnes & Noble for this issue. The words “The” and “Black” aren’t exactly the most uncommon words one can use on anybody’s search engine. Searches return everything containing those words. Well, it is what it is. The Black is my pen name and I like it. It’s origin goes back to when I was eight years old. 

Anyway, while looking for my stuff on Barnes & Noble this evening, I thought I’d try something different. I used a different search criteria when trying to find my books. I didn’t expect to find anything. But lo and behold, when I clicked “search” with the new criteria, all my books came up, and nothing but my books.

So if you’re looking for my eBooks on Barnes & Noble’s web site, do this:

– On a Nook eBook reader/tablet, or on B&N’s website under the Nook Books category, type Christopher Bynum. That’ll get you all the stuff by The Black. I know – I can’t explain it, either.

– On the B&N website, if you’re in the “Books” (versus Nook Books) category, typing Christopher Bynum will return books by The Black and other books by Christopher Bynum, and a few other odds and ends.

I know, it’s weird. There must be a glitch in Barnes & Noble’s system. Who the hell is this Bynum dude?   


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  1. At least you are on B&N and Amazon.

  2. BandN has Christopher Bynum listed as your publisher. Now I must say that I saw a picture of him once and he is a handdsome guy. Besides that, he is a great writer. He might actually give you a run for your money. (I’m just saying.)

    • MsVis, rumor has it that he may do that very soon (give me a run for my money). Allegedly he’s going to claim bragging rights when “The Hitman Chronicles” hits the streets in 2012. We’ll just see about that.

  3. Well I don t know what to say about that. I don’t know if I will admire him if he steals that from you.

  4. Yeah. I hear that.

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